Cruz Azul registers Augusto Lotti and already has the entire squad available

Yesterday the same was done with Ramiro Carrera and both will be able to be there for Saturday’s duel against Rayados.

Augusto Lotti during the Sky Cup
© Image 7Augusto Lotti during the Sky Cup

Augusto Lotti is already a Cruz Azul player for the ‘eyes’ of Liga MX. The Argentine striker was registered this Wednesday, January 14, in the competition archives and may be available for Saturday’s duel against Rayados de Monterrey. Yesterday it was the turn of Ramiro Carrera, who could not dress short either despite the fact that his signings took place more than a month ago.

However, in the absence of “Transfer“that had to arrive from Argentina, the registration of both footballers was postponed to the point that neither played a minute of the Sky Cup. For the debut in the Clausura 2023, the documents were not arrived on time either and they were absent on the visit to the Caliente Stadium.

Now, and with everything in order, Raúl Gutiérrez will have the two new faces presented by Cruz Azul for this semester. Lotti will wear the number 21 on his back while his Argentine counterpart will wear number 23. Both players seem to be so unknown to local football that Liga MX gave them different positions.

In principle, and despite the fact that he can hang around the area, Ramiro Carrera is a midfielder. From Liga MX they place him in the forward section. Lotti’s case is similar: a born striker, from the eyes of the competition he is just another midfielder.

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Cruz Azul and Rayados de Monterrey will face each other next Saturday, January 14, as part of matchday 2 of the Clausura 2023 Liga MX. This commitment is scheduled for 17:00 (local time).

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