Cryptocurrencies and investments: pay attention to Ethereum, Cardano and Litecoin


Cryptocurrencies And investments it is a combination that increasingly inflames the international financial debate: it is now a fact that digital assets have fully entered into the choices of the underlyings to be included in awell diversified portfolio allocation.

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However, when the sector undergoes a strong downsizing in terms of capitalization, as happened in mid-2021, the usual questions arise again regarding the actual value of the cryptocurrencies as an asset class – if not in the same way as past fashions ended quickly with the bursting of a bubble – only to be promptly denied by the strong recovery in prices: a passage that is currently being repeated with a rapid rebound of the whole sector towards absolute maximums.

Investors’ expectations on Ethereum

At this stage it is certainly the big voice Ethereum, which in recent months has seen a strong increase in token traded, with evident repercussions on capitalization.

The platform connected to the virtual currency today represents the most important peer to peer network for smart contracts and, within it, users can conclude transactions without the need for third-party intermediation.

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Of course the two main features, strength of the Ethereum project, are the speed and safety with which the infrastructure manages to finalize the processes on its platform, which also provides a high degree of interfacing with external applications.

Also to make the prospects of the cryptocurrencyApart from the technical pricing, staking and the token burning mechanism contribute.

But to get a deeper overview of the opportunities that Ether could hold in the near future, it is possible to consult specialized portals such as, for example,, a reference point in the crypto sector.


Cardano and the third generation blockchain

A cryptocurrency that refers to a platform with different points of contact with that of Ethereum is ADA.

The project Cardano, in fact, it was born with the purpose of managing smart contract decentralized, but with a greater degree of security and scalability than the first, thanks to amultiplayer architecture.

Many experts point to this technology as the progenitor of third generation blockchain, sanctioned by the definitive passage by an algorithm proof of work to one proof of stake, which allows, as already mentioned, large-scale applications without repercussions on the efficiency of transactions, interaction with other blockchains and above all sustainability.

It is clear that these characteristics make ADA one of the most appreciated cryptocurrencies by sector experts and institutional investors, always looking for new themes to focus on, to diversify with the highest possible accuracy in a very volatile sector.

Litecoin: mysterious or crypto object with enormous potential

Litecoin it was the first Altcoin, born after the creation of Bitcoin. In a first phase, what made the project extremely interesting was the difference with the others first generation crypto: in fact, while the latter used the BTC blockchain to develop only some aspects, Litecoin aimed to decrease the process processing times, using a new type of algorithm.

However, even if these peculiarities have allowed its survival, contrary to what happened with other Altcoins, the developers have never been able to take the next step to create a completely decentralized ecosystem as in the case of the Ethereum platform.

From that moment on, the token has experienced ups and downs dragged by the sentiment that has permeated the entire sector, and if in the first part of 2021 prices managed to approach the all-time high in 2017, after a violent correction of more than 70% of its value, the prices have settled halfway, waiting for new developments.

Of course, even according to experts, this stand-by situation may not necessarily have negative implications, in fact the fact of still having good ones room for growth up to the previous maximum would make Litecoin an attractive asset for investors.


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