Cryptocurrency market: watch out for Dogecoin, Polkadot and Ripple


A little over ten years ago, when Bitcoin entered the market, many traders were, to say the least, perplexed by cryptocurrencies: the technology behind the digital currency was almost unknown and it was difficult to see real earning opportunities behind such an out-of-the-box financial instrument. Needless to add, from that moment on, Bitcoin literally revolutionized online trading, generating a real fortune in all those who believed in it.

Today the financial scenario has definitely changed and the world of cryptocurrencies is in constant motion: every day is in fact the good one for the explosion of a new service based on blockchain technology. It is therefore not surprising that traders are always interested in having information related to digital currencies, in order to orient their investments in the most profitable way possible. From this point of view, the news of, a portal specialized in the crypto world, allows you to know the trend of crypto tokens and always be updated on emerging currencies.

The principles of cryptocurrencies

Having said that, before going into the merits of more interesting news related to the cryptocurrency market and to analyze some assets to be taken into particular consideration, it will be useful to take a small step back. First, you definitely need to understand what we mean when we talk about cryptocurrencies and, from this point of view, the same prefix “crypto” it offers quite useful information. Cryptocurrencies are indeed currencies protected by cryptography: currencies hidden thanks to a specific technology, which are completely inaccessible unless you have the right password. Add to this that cryptocurrency is one purely digital currency: not only is it not emitted by ticks or entities, but it does not even exist from a physical point of view.


Investors interested in investing in crypto must therefore resort to a telematic channel, such as a broker. Last, but not least, cryptocurrencies are one of the more volatile assets in the market, also because their value is established exclusively by the individual creators. The price of digital currency does not respond to external rules and therefore often ends up responding above all to law of supply and demand: therefore the more investors show interest in a crypto, the more its price continues to grow.

Three cryptocurrencies to keep an eye on

The best way to know every day what the cryptocurrencies to bet on consists in keeping an eye on the so-called trading signals: forecasts made by analysts and experts who take into account the past performance of a single being to provide useful information on its future prices. Well, just according to different trading signals Dogecoin is one of the most interesting cryptocurrencies of the moment: a financial instrument born almost for fun and known for its ease of use, which has had an explosion of notoriety thanks toendorsement of entrepreneurs of the caliber of Elon Musk.

Also Polkadot is an emerging digital currency to which particular attention should be paid: indeed, more than a cryptocurrency, Polkadot is a kind of network, thanks to which it is possible to carry out many different transactions by interconnecting different blockchains. Wanting instead to talk about historical names, it is impossible not to mention at least Ripple: the crypto exploded thanks to the possibility of transfer currency without continuity of form had a complicated start to 2021, due to a dispute with the US SEC. Now, however, the crisis seems to be behind us and for this reason several analysts agree in considering it a cryptocurrency to bet on for the future.


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