Crytek has requested the removal of a mod for the photo mode –

Crytek officially requested the removal of a mod developed by Frans Bouma, introducing a new one photo mode in Crysis Remastered, which evidently was not well received by the company’s management.

The modder has received an official notice from the Crytek PR Manager in which it is explained that the mod in question does not fall within the terms of the EULA relating to Crysis Remastered, therefore its removal is requested in order not to continue a legal area.

The scope of mods is often found in a gray area with regards to regulations and terms of use of software products, but in this case, according to Crytek, the modder’s position would be compounded by the fact that software processing is distributed to profit, since it requires the payment of a Patreon in order to be downloaded.

However, the position expressed by Crytek in the notice sent to Bouma seems to refer generically to the creation of mods in general, which are reportedly not covered by the standard EULA for the use of the games by users. However, a second message sent by the software house specified that “the main problem is that the software is monetized, for this reason we require the removing the paywall“.

This latest update on the issue would seem to include the removal request in the event that the modder decides to remove the connected Patreon, which however does not seem willing to do, given that it is a rather complex job to distribute for free. However, Bouma noted that the request had somewhat surprised him: “I have created custom photo modes for so many games,” he wrote, “And I have always received enthusiastic responses from developers and publishers because they appreciate these systems as further promotional pushes.” However “Crytek makes Crytek and they wanted to damage themselves. I have to remove my mods on Photo Mode for Crytek 2 Remastered and Crytek 3 Remastered”.

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