CS: KSCERATO comments on Liquid and explains the reasons for rejecting it

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Confirming clarifications in the coming weeks, Kaike”KSCERATO” conversou com o portal HLTV and states that a Liquid equipment Be interested in checking out their recommendations for next time. During the interview, the Brazilian commented on the reasons why he was rejected for the proposal, the possibility of representing an international time in the future and the importance of playing for a time of green love. Counterattack.

Cavalaria’s move to have KSCERATO is part of a team restructuring plan in 2024. According to the cleanups, the organization now has big plans and reinforcements for next time, such as the Brazilian Wiltons.”zews“and Philip”skull“, addressed to Casper”cadiaN“at the end of Russel’s return”Twistzz“Keith’s Permanence”NAF“and mareks”YEKINDAR“.

However, KSCERATO opted to maintain his status and return to Team Liquid for next year. During the father, the athlete comments on the reasons for not being able to find the organization.

“Sim, he invited me to play for him. But in fact, I have a lot of things on my mind, a lot of difficult moments this year. I also said that I have always wanted to join FURY because I love my team, I love the organization and I love the people for the organization,” the player responded in the interview.

The reason for Cavalaria going to KSCERATO to count in 2024 is simple: currently, the player is one of the best performing Brazilians internationally in Counter-Strike and sometimes even more important than FURIA. If you imagine yourself wearing the uniform of an international organization, KSCERATO does not rule out the idea 100%.

“You’re not, dear. You haven’t gotten over love. I’m thinking that I’m actually happy here. Some days, but I don’t have any certainty about it. I am a young guy, 24 years old, I have had a long career under my belt. It seems like I give up thinking about it a little bit, because if you think about it, it won’t be focused on the present. Let’s go for it… that’s it,” he adds.

Throughout his entire CS career, the Panthers star only worked with green and white teams that allowed him to communicate entirely in Portuguese and represent his countries. KSCERATO also notes how important it is that it be implemented by a Brazilian organization.

“Okay, but it’s not you who says it, because it is much better to play in the Brazilian era, because Portuguese is my mother tongue. But I don’t know if it’s a problem not to play in English. So I have no problems playing in Brazil or elsewhere. Brazilians always have to surround me and help me so I can be happy,” she concluded.

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