CSIF, against exceptional access to the title of Family Medicine without the MIR

In its allegations to the public consultation on the modification of RD 1753/1998 of Exceptional Access to the title of Family and Community Medicine and to the exercise of this specialty in the SNS, the Central Union of Independent Workers and Officials (CSIF) rejects the exceptional access to the title of Family Medicine to non-EU citizens without MIR. The Ministry of Health intends to close this process initiated in 1998 to facilitate access to the specialty for those people, licensed before 1995 and who had accredited as of January 1, 2008 a minimum of 5 years of experience working as family doctors and 300 training hours. These people had the right to apply for up to three calls, although the last one was in 2014 and there are still some lagging professionals, estimated at around 200 throughout Spain. CSIF agrees with the Ministry of Health on the need to close this process, either with three new calls or a single call with two opportunities, as articulated in other health professions (Health plans to close it directly without further evidence, or with a number bottom of calls). In any case, CSIF warns that the closure of this procedure cannot in any case be a means of access to the specialty for non-EU professionals who do not have the MIR, as is the case with the group of doctors hired during the State of Alarm due to the Covid to reinforce the templates. The decree that regulated this possibility is still in force and, according to CSIF, is causing a comparative offense with professionals who carry out their regulated health training via MIR. Finally, from CSIF it has been requested that the tests carried out for exceptional access must have the follow-up of the National Commission of Family and Community Medicine and the scientific societies of Family and Community Medicine.

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