Cuadrado confronts him, then collapses in tears

Amazon’s docu-series All or Nothing tells what happened in the Juventus locker room on the occasion of the elimination in the Champions League against Porto.

Joys and sorrows, enthusiasm and frustration. Each football team is a family and experiences strong and even diametrically opposed moments, emotions and sensations during the course of a season. This is what the Amazon docu-series confirms All or Nothing which tells the background of the 2020-2021 vintage of the Juventus by Andrea Pirlo, also opening the doors of the dressing room to all spectators and showing what happens inside. Last season the Juventus team experienced a very strong evening, in which we went from the dream of a comeback to the disappointment of the scorching elimination from the Champions League, at the hands of Porto.

Juve, defeated 2-1 in Portugal, arrive at the return match with the confidence of being able to overturn everything and qualify for the next round. Pirlo’s words in the pre-match speech (“It takes courage and trust because we know we are the strongest“) do not find a following on the pitch, with the home team finding themselves under a goal after the first half. the difficulties of the bianconeri to play the game, against a team at least on the lower card. To explode is the most representative player, that is Cristiano Ronaldo, in frustration.

Ronaldo's fury at the interval between Juve and Porto

Ronaldo’s fury at the interval between Juve and Porto

The outburst is immortalized by Prime Video cameras: “Let’s do something more huh, that shit. We don’t play anything“. At that point, however, someone tries to remind CR7 in a calm but decisive way, his role within the group which must be constructive and non-destructive:”Bicho, don’t worry. You must be an example for everyone!“. Ronaldo, however, corrects his shot and explains that he too feels responsible for what is happening on the pitch:”Wed ** a. We used to play me ** a, always! Me too, me too. Me too! We are not playing at all, we have to tell each other the truth! This is a Champions League match! We must have personality“.

Solskjær sacking is the fault of Cristiano Ronaldo: “His arrival ruined everything”

At that point it’s up to Pirlo to act as peacemaker and try to channel all the energies on the right track: “Enough, enough come on! Enough Cri, enough Juan We must have calm and patience, let’s continue with the spirit, without arguing but with the calm of those strong who want to win. It takes personality, but we can only do it as a team, one helping the other. You don’t go anywhere alone“And before returning to the pitch, here is Cuadrado’s hug to Ronaldo.

What is certain is that Juventus will then return to the field with another attitude, managing to overturn the disadvantage by taking the challenge to extra time. Here, however, Sergio Oliveira’s free-kick goal (with Ronaldo in the eye of the storm for his revisable placement in the barrier) effectively cuts the legs of Pirlo’s team which is ultimately eliminated from the Champions League. A huge disappointment for everyone, but especially for Cristiano who seems inconsolable when he returns to the locker room. The Portuguese is destroyed and begins to cry out loud. He takes off his shirts, throws them on the ground and does not give peace to everyone’s amazement, in a surreal silence. His boundless will to win has never been a mystery, but these images show how hard it is for him to digest failure.

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