Cuba announces 50 names for the World Baseball Classic

Havana.- THE FEDERATION Cubana de Beisbol (FCB) announced today its 50-player roster for the V World Baseball Classic.

The press conference was chaired by Juan Reinaldo Pérez Pardo, head of the FCB, and Armando Jhonson, manager of the Cuban team.

In the meeting held in the Adolfo Luque Hall of the Latin American Stadium, Pérez Pardo explained that the presentation now of the 50 names responds to the impossibility of doing so on November 18, like the other federations involved, since the organizers did not have the permits at that time. requested from the United States government.

The also national commissioner of this sport recalled that it was not until December when the authorizations were obtained thanks to efforts by the Major League Baseball (MLB) and the World Baseball-Softball Confederation.

However, the FCB has not yet been informed in detail about the scope of the limitations with which these licenses were issued, an issue that is being followed up with the organizers.

Pérez Pardo recalled that the entire process has been experienced in the midst of pressure, harassment and threats against the players willing to represent their country, whom he recognized as willing, including those who spontaneously communicated with the team’s management.

Work will be done with the list of 50 until February 7, when the final registration of 30 athletes will be made official. It was also pointed out that as of today the MLB will analyze the requests that involve players from that circuit, based on validating the authorizations with their clubs and other processes established in this regard.

The president of the FCB reiterated that the steps taken so far and the future ones respond to the purpose of having a competitive roster, made up of athletes participating in our national events and other leagues, including the MLB, based on the needs identified by the technicians in each area.

He insisted that athletes who committed the indiscipline of abandoning Cuban delegations attending events abroad, considered in the regulations as a serious offense that excludes them from representing the Federation, were not taken into account.

The concentration in the Latinoamericano Stadium will begin on January 15 and a stage of training and warm-up matches is managed in the Dominican Republic. Then there will be a period with similar objectives in Japan before traveling to Taiwan, where the last matches of this type will be added, a prelude to the event that will place Cuba in the first round against teams from that country, Panama, the Netherlands and Italy.

Jhonson explained that in order to form the pre-payroll it was taken into account to combine experience, youth and versatility; as well as propping up a game concept based on the strength of pitching and defense, and speed depending on the offense.

The call to athletes inserted in other leagues not hired by the Cuban Baseball Federation, he said, was identified based on specific needs, especially in the central line from the decision to respect the majority presence of those who work in Cuba or under the protection of our Federation.

Likewise, Jhonson indicated, the performances in the First Elite League of Cuban Baseball and those achieved with the national team in the last five years were taken into account. He pointed out the priority in the organization of the pitching.


Receivers (5): Andrys Pérez García, Oscar William Valdés Nogueira, Lorenzo Quintana Fernández, Yosvany Alarcón Tardío and Rafael Ramón Viñales Álvarez.

Infielders (12): Ariel Martínez Marrero, Andy Ibáñez Velázquez, Bárbaro Erisbel Arruebarruena Escalante, Luis Vicente Mateo Terry, Guillermo Avilés Difurnó, Yurisbel Gracial García, Dayán García Ortega, Pavel Rafael Quesada Pedroso, Yoan Manuel Moncada Olivera, Yadil Orestes Mujica Díaz, Pedro Pablo Revilla Leyva and William Garcia Garcia.

Outfielders (8): Raico Santos Almeida, Yoelkis Guibert Stiven, Lázaro Robersy Armenteros Arango, Roel Santos Martínez, Luis Robert Moirán, Yadir Drake Domínguez, Yoennis Céspedes Milanés and Alfredo Despaigne Rodríguez.

Pitchers (25): Yoan López Leyva (D), Elián Leyva Delgado (D), Yoennis Yera Montalvo (Z), Liván Moinelo Pita (Z), Carlos Juan Viera Álvarez (D), Raidel Martínez Pérez (D), Yariel Humberto Rodríguez Yordy (D) , Frank Abel Álvarez Díaz (D), Naykel Yoel Cruz Zaldívar (Z), Marlon Vega Travieso (D), Javier Mirabal Espinosa, Roenis Elías Leliebre, Franklyn Quintana Gamboa (D), Jonathan Carbó Campoalegre (D), Onelkis García (Z ), Alexander Valiente Rodríguez (D), Roberto Enrique Hernández Navarro (D), José Ramón Rodríguez Menéndez (D), Yeudis Reyes Gamboa (D), Pavel Hernández Bruce (D), Hermes David González León (D), Alberto Pablo Civil Hidalgo (Z), Dariel Góngora de la Torre (Z), Ronald Bolaños Coto (D) and Luis Miguel Romero Mansfarroll (D).

DT: Armando Johnson.

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