Cuba denied dates for the World Classic and there will be changes in the Federation’s preselection – SwingCompleto

By Robiel Vega

Now, according to Jhonson’s words, the number of players in that shortlist will be 50, when it should be reduced to 35. In fact, that shortlist of 50 could have been given a long time ago, but according to the manager, it will not be 35. as expected.

The commentator of Tele Rebelde, Camilo Pérez Pérez, insisted on the figure and the pinero reiterated that the pre-selection of 50 athletes would be announced, who should start training in the coming weeks.

The former helmsman of the Pirates of the Island made it clear that they are still working on the preparation of the pre-selection and that the work was not yet complete; from which it can be deduced that last-minute changes will come, presumably with players not associated with the Cuban Baseball Federation.

It remains to wait for the appointed date and time to see what new surprises this Cuba team has in store for us, undoubtedly the most controversial and the one that has aroused the most expectation in the Cuban fans in recent years, after the announcement that several Major League Baseball will be part of of it, will there be surprises? We’ll see.

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