Cuba regrets bans on its MLB players who will be in the World Classic

This day The Cuban authorities regretted that their baseball players who play in Major League Baseball teams and who will participate in the World Classic They have only been authorized to join the activities with the ninth of the island a few days before.

Also they were prohibited from traveling to the Caribbean country, even if they win the tournament. This is the first time that Cuba you can take your stars Big leagues for the baseball commitment.

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“It is totally discriminatory that Cuban baseball players, for the mere fact of having residence in the United States, cannot come to Cuba or to train, not even, if we win the Classic, to celebrate.”, said Miguel Fraga, an official of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Associated Press.

On the other hand, the Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB) informed that the organizers, officially, restricted the athletes “whether of MLB or not” with residence in the United States “travel to Cuba to participate in any action related to the contest”.

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Another limitation for players

The fifth edition of the World Baseball Classic will be held from March 8 to 21,

Another limitation is that none of the players MLB he could participate in the pre-competition training and preparation games that the Cuban team plans to develop abroad; so they will only join the ninth from March 3.

Cuban protagonists in the MLB who will play the World Classic

Initially the list consisted of 50 baseball playersamong those several who militate in Big leagues:

Third base stand out Yoan Moncada and the center fielder louis robertof the Chicago White Sox.

the infielder Andy Ibanez of the Detroit Tigers; the gardener Lazaro Armenteros and the pitcher Luis Miguel Romero of the Oakland Athletics; the pitcher Rolando Bolanos of the Kansas City Royals; and the gardener Yoenis Cespedes (currently a free agent) who was called up twice for the MLB All-Star Game.

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In addition to a bunch of players who play in different latitudes around the world, such as the Mexican league, the Dominican league and the Japanese league.

Any fan knows that it’s not the same to have the whole team ready, the whole team working together., to know how the sports form is, what are the things that must be done; to the fact of seeing each other five days before an event”, continued Miguel Fraga Fraga.

The final list of 30 players will be announced this Tuesday.

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