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Cuba’s Council of Ministers agreed to determine the calculation of pensions based on age and total disability, local media reported today, revising rules that have been in place on this aspect since 2009.

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According to Decree 99, published in the Ordinary Official Gazette No. 1 of 2024, the basis for calculating these pensions is now set at the average monthly salary resulting from the highest salary earned by the employee during five years.

For this, the last 15 calendar years before the pension application are selected.

The text clarifies that the average monthly wage is considered to be the amount earned in wages and other legally recognized payments, which are part of the basis of calculations for long-term social security benefits.

Regulations on social security law also address concepts such as payment for the distribution of benefits, payment systems for results, and others referring to payments for specific legally recognized activities, which do not constitute wages. But long-term profits are part of the basis of calculations.

The transitional procedure for calculating pensions and social security subsidies provided for in Decree-Law 18 of November 24, 2020, with the application of the rules provided for in this decree, is maintained until 2025, the Gazette clarifies. Published on January 4.

Similarly, the processes of pension due to age and total disability which started before the implementation of the Decree continue their process in accordance with the regulatory provisions with which they started.

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