Cubans demonstrate against Los Van Van


Samuel Formell, leader of the Cuban orchestra Los Van Van, speaks during a press conference accompanied by other Cuban musicians to show his solidarity with fellow musician Alexander Abreu, who claims to have received more than 1,000 offensive messages on his cell phone, in La Havana, Cuba, on Friday. , September 18, 2020. Abreu unleashed a fierce debate on social networks that pitted musicians and activists from both sides of the Florida Straits for not speaking publicly against the Cuban government. (AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa)


Dozens of protesters gathered yesterday outside the concert of Van Van and Habana D’ Primera to show their rejection of the presentation of the musical bands in Pembroke Pines.

After three years without giving a show in Florida, the Cuban musicians performed at the Charles D. Dodge City Center auditorium on Friday afternoon.

The Cuban exiles, summoned by the well-known influencer Alex Otaola, took the opportunity to show their rejection of the relaxation of restrictions against the Cuban regime announced by the administration of President Joe Biden last Monday.

In the midst of the protest, supporters of the Cuban regime distributed flyers containing information in favor of the actions of the Democratic government, reported Telemundo 51.

For his part, Otaola attacked political propaganda.

“These people are here facing an exile who has fled prisons and torture, who have been victims of murders of their relatives, who have stolen everything. Here the communists distribute propaganda against the embargo. It is a political act disguised as music. Once again the Cuban dictatorship and the Cuban Embassy in the United States, who are not diplomats, who are State Security agents, are here manipulating and indoctrinating,” he told Cubans around the World.

Weeks before the event, a petition on the platform Change.org managed to get more than 1,000 signatures from people who demanded that the city of Pembroke Pines cancel the concert.

“Los Van Van is a music band that historically supported and collaborated with the Cuban dictatorship; his unconditional support for the Communist Party of Cuba has made his presence unwelcome in South Florida,” read the petition created by the group Actions 4 Freedom.

In fact, after 1999, the band spent a decade without being able to perform in the Sunshine State after their last performance that year caused strong protests from Cuban exiles.

Los Van Van is one of the most popular orchestras in Cuba that performs songs with rhythms of salsa, jazz and Afro-Cuban music.

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