Cult of the Lamb, one of the best games of all 2022, receives its first BIG update

I’m sure many of you will remember Cult of the Lamb. Or maybe you know it but you still haven’t dared to play it. If you haven’t, then I highly recommend that you do because for me, without a doubt, this is the best indie game of all 2022 even above Stray. A title that from the trailers you think will only hit milk against infernal monsters. And… yes, that is done quite a lot, but it has MUCH more.

Well then, Cult of the Lamb It continues to give a lot to talk about despite the fact that it came out in August, and that is because of the huge success it had, its creators have wanted to dedicate a patch to it to the game. But it is not just any patch, it is an update with many new features for the game. It is nothing more and nothing less. than the first major update since the title was released. Take a look at all the details!

Cult of the Lamb and its first major update

They have been the companions of PC Gamer those who have collected and shared all the news of this new patch:

  • The main characteristic that they will incorporate is that now all weapons have a charged attack if you hold the button down:
  • They will also have a lot of news in which they have not entered in depth, but “will include many other new features that will add depth, difficulty, accessibility, and quality of life”
  • The exact date is not known, but in the next few days it will be available ⌛️
  • It is also worth noting that it will be totally free 🤑

What do you think of this great update of Cult of the Lamb? I already tell you that I am going to try it. They have also promised many more updates for this year, but they will take time to arrive!

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