Cultural agenda in March: Concerts, theater, cinema and more activities for this week

In the penultimate week of March there are news on the cultural agenda. The fans of Daniela Darcourt, bareto and Milena Warthonbrand new winner of the Gaviota de Plata at the Viña del Mar 2023 festival, will be able to see them reunited in a concert that will take place this Saturday March 18 in it Exhibition Park Amphitheater.

There are still tickets with a cost from S/ 65.50 for this show, which celebrates the 25th anniversary of the DEA Promotora production company and will also serve to support people affected by the extreme rains in Peru, as announced in a press release. “The delivery of the donations can be followed on our networks,” announced the director Doris Espinoza.

It is not the only concert planned for these days. On March 22, the Norwegian singer-songwriter arrives in Peru dawn to present her latest work “The Gods We Can Touch”, in addition to all the songs that have made her one of the musical stars of the moment and have led her to be praised by artists such as Billie Eilish, Shawn Mendes and Katy Perry.

During her presentation in Lima, also at the Parque de la Exposición Amphitheater, she will have her compatriot as a guest artist to open her show Thea Wang. Both visit our country for the first time to deploy hit songs like “Runaway”, “Cure For Me”, “Running With the Wolves”, “Queendom”, among others.

Theater and exhibitions

From the world of tables, at the Teatro Barranco 2.0 (Av. Grau 701) the season finale of “Off Man, Last Days by Philip Seymour Hoffman“, a Spanish-Peruvian and Argentine production that features the performances of the Spanish actor Yoska Lázaro (Philip Seymour Hoffman) and Carlos Cabrera (assistant).

Written by Iván Cerdán Bermúdez, with the direction of the Argentine director Fernando García Valle, the play will close this Saturday, March 18 at 8:30 p.m. Tickets are on sale through the Joinnus platform and are priced from S / 28 for students and retirees, and S/ 30 for the general public.

You cannot stop seeing the new staging “Off Man, the last days of Philip Seymour Hoffman”, which will be its season finale to be held this Saturday, March 18 at the Barranco 2.0 theater (Av. Grau 701). Tickets on sale at Tickets for students and retirees: 28 soles. Central and Lateral Vip: 40 soles. Stands: 30 soles.

Likewise, El Británico inaugurated an exhibition on the musical genre “subte”: “Lima 1988“. A sample that honors the political, social and cultural events of that complicated Peruvian capital that motivated the emergence of underground rock, a term used to refer to music located outside of commercial circuits and appeared as a symbol of protest.

That time of the First Non-Professional Rock Contest, organized by TalleRock and Esquina magazine, will be revived, a musical event that aroused the interest of the dormant Lima music scene and that paved the way for the development and growth of this movement. The exhibition runs from Monday to Saturday until April 22 at the San Juan de Lurigancho del Británico gallery, located at Av. Próceres de la Independencia 1531.

A date with Peruvian cinema

WikiAcción Peru launched the call to participate in the First National Contest of Articles on Women in Peruvian Cinematography. A contest that seeks to make visible the creative work of women in Peruvian cinema and audiovisuals in all its dimensions and specializations: filming, production, script, art direction, photography, etc.

The articles to apply can be interviews, reviews, sketches or profiles, chronicles and academic articles. Five monetary prizes of $200 each will be awarded. The deadline for receipt is March 31. More information about the bases in the following link:

El Británico, on the other hand, presents a film series to highlight the work of Peruvian directors. In an agreement with the Association of Peruvian Film Directors (NUNA), it organized a cycle in which it will screen three films directed by Mariana Tschudi, Rossana Díaz Costa and Rocío Lladó.

The first of them, “Amen”, was already released on Thursday the 16th, but there are still two to be seen on the programme: the adaptation of “A world for Julius”, scheduled for Thursday March 23rd, and “La mistress of the liberator ” for March 30. The projections begin at 7:30 pm and take place at the Cultural Station del Británico (Jr. Bellavista 538 – Miraflores). Admission is free.


Since March 16, the Cultural Center of the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, together with the BBVA Foundation, present the cycle “The winners: International Awards 2023“, with nine winning titles from the last awards season, such as the Oscars, Golden Globes, Bafta, SAG Awards, among others.

In a season that runs until April 9, the following films will be available in its Blue Room: “Everything everywhere at the same time”, “Aftersun”, “Babylon”, “The Fabelmans”, “Tár”, “Elvis “, “The spirits of the island”, “The whale”, “They speak”. Tickets are on sale at and also at the cinema ticket office.

Likewise, two films entered the national billboard on Thursday: “Shazam 2! The Fury of the Gods” and “communion with the devil“.


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