Cuphead. This is what the video game that became a series on Netflix is ​​about

Video game adaptations for film or television have become a constant in the entertainment industry. Now, between hype and cymbals, arrives Cuphead: The Show for Netflixan animated series that stems from the popular indie game Cupheadwhich ended up being a true phenomenon in the world of video games.

What is Cuphead about?

Cuphead tells the story of the eponymous protagonist of the series and Mugman, his brother, a couple of inhabitants of Inkwell Island. The story is simple and short, basically introduced at the beginning of the game: both lived quietly but they did not listen to their caretaker, the Old Teapot, and went to the Devil’s casino.

They began to play on it and lined their pockets from a huge winning streak, but it was all a set up for the Devil He ended up challenging them to bet their souls on a game of dice, which they lost. However, they came to terms with him, and agreed collect the souls of their debtors in exchange for annulling the deal, to which they agreed.

This is how Cuphead and Mugman embark on a journey to defeat a series of crazy villains inspired by ‘classic’ animations, such as a pair of boxing frogs that become a fan, a ball that bounces everywhere, as well as characters What Cagney Carnation (a sunflower) and Hilda Berg (a human-zeppelin emulating Betty Boop)these last two that have become memes and perhaps you did not know where they came from.

Finally, Cuphead and Mugman manage to recover the souls of complicated and tedious bosses; however, we don’t love you spoil too much for you to watch the series without knowing exactly what could happen in the series. But you will imagine that it does not go as well as we would suppose.

Award-winning gameplay and art

Undoubtedly, there are many things that stand out from Cuphead: the first its inspiration in classics of the animationworse highlights the great graphic quality throughout all levels and bosses, without a doubt, a more than extraordinary work that intensifies knowing that it is an independent game.

Refering to gameplay, is just as extraordinary, precise, fun and diverse; although certainly a bit repetitive, depending on how much you vary your weapons. We’re basically talking about metroidvaniathat is, a two-dimensional game in which you jump on platforms and go through levels or face bosses.

But something you should consider before entering is the high level of difficulty that you will face only on a normal level, because if you are not used to challenges, you will ‘die trying’ and you could feel frustrated, not to mention the greatest difficulty trying to get all the perfect levels, that is, without receiving a single hit.

All this achieves a completely round and practically perfect game for lovers of the genre, animation and challenges. All the effort meant five nominations for The Game Awards in 2017, where they won three despite being an indie game: Best Art Direction, Best Independent Video Game and Best Debut of an Indie Game.

Where to play Cuphead and the new DLC on the way

Of course, this is excellent publicity for more people to join the fantastic world of Cuphead, as it is no coincidence that this June 30th they finally launch their long-awaited DLC The Delicious Last Coursein which Ms. Chalice joins the adventures.

Cuphead can be played on basically all platforms: Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch and PCand it is available at a base price of 350 Mexican pesos, although it is not unusual to find it on sale.


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