Cuquita Abarca sues Televisa for gender-based media violence in an unauthorized bioseries by Vicente Fernández

Vicente Fernandez and Cuquita.

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Cuquitacoverswidow of Vicente Fernandezfiled another lawsuit against Televisa for the unauthorized bioseries of the musical icon and this time for gender media violence.

According to the Fernandez’s attorney, Bull Framethe mother of “El Potrillo” has been violated in this way in the television project ‘El Último Rey: El Hijo del Pueblo’, which concluded the transmission of the second season last week, because she is projected as a woman with patterns and behaviors of submission, subjected to macho acts.

For this reason, Televisa would have violated the General Law of Women’s Access to a Life Free of Violence with this representation in the series.

“Regardless of other legal actions that have been carried out against different Televisa companies, on May 6 the complaint was filed that Mrs. Abarca, for what he sees in terms of the content of the non-consensual series that Televisa put on the air, presents gender media violence.

“Gender media violence is one of the different ways in which women are exposed and has given rise to movements in different parts of the world. This type of violence is different from femicide, from sexual violence, of course, but it is still important because women are unduly exposed“, the expert spoke by telephone with Agencia Reforma, who added, the complaint was filed in Mexico City.

Del Toro mentioned that they have archived minute by minute and chapter by chapter of the series, all the moments in which acts of gender media violence are carried out.

“Gender media violence, says the law, is exercised by any person who uses a communication medium to produce and disseminate content that threatens the self-esteem, integrity and equality of women; and here there is an apology of women’s inequality for an older adult, which, in addition, she did not authorize and, what is more, they never contacted her to talk about what they intended to do.

We already had to go to amparo trials so that what the same law stipulates to protect the victims is enforced.“said the lawyer.

Del Toro also mentioned that “Cuquita” had already appeared before the authorities for this matter, and affirmed that the complaint was filed to various Televisa companies.

He also declared that, in total, at least 14 legal processes are being followed that have to do with the case of Chente’s unauthorized bioseries, ‘The Last King: The Son of the People,’ based on the book by Olga Wornat.

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