Curacao Announces Baseball Roster for FEPCUBE Rival Colombia 2024

There are 16 days left before the promotion starts. Intercontinental Baseball Series which will take place from January 26 to February 1. This competition will be historic as the team will take part in it. Homeland and life of Fepkubwhich has already started practice in Miami with the presence of star players from Major League like brothers Gurriel, Aroldis Chapman and Jorge Soleramong the others.

But expectations are already beginning to form that this team’s performance on the field will be made up of players with playing experience. Major League Baseball. One of the rivals the group will have Fepcube be Willemstad gunsrepresentative Curacao.

Balentien and Shoup are among the famous Curaçaoans who will take on Fepcube

Among the names that stand out the most is the gardener. Vladimir Balentin and second baseman Jonathan Schoop. Both with a proven international reputation, both in Major League Baseball how in Dutch national team, which they defended in several World baseball classic.

Shoopcurrently a free agent, has 10 years of experience in Largest companies. Bye Balentienalthough he played Major League Between 2007 and 2009, he excelled in Japanese baseball.

Other components you will have to deal with Fepcube These are mainly players living in US minor leagues and at European competitions. In addition to them, the team will include famous names in Caribbean winter baseball such as Venezuelans Nestor Molina, Erickson Leonora, Gabriel Lino, Engelb Vilma, Jesus Paricaguan and Brazilian pitcher Thiago da Silva.

Curacao In recent years he has been active internationally. This will also be part Caribbean series 2024, repeating what was done in 2023, when he made his debut in this tournament.

Willemstad guns will be the last opponent Fepcube in the first phase. Both teams will meet on January 30 at 14:00.

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