curiosity and plot of the film with Nicole Kidman

Tonight on TV, Monday 25 October, will air on La7 at 21:10 the movie The Interpreter of the 2005. Nineteenth feature film directed by the American director Sydney Pollack. Among the protagonists Sean Penn, Nicole Kidman and Catherine Keener.

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The plot

Silvia Broome, played by Nicole Kidman, brilliant translator at the United Nations, overhears a conversation in a rare dialect. To his horror, he discovers that a plot is underway to kill the president of a small African state. The woman turns to the FBI who assigns her an escort agent: Tobin Keller. But, as Keller digs into Silvia’s past, his suspicion grows that she is, in fact, involved in organizing the attack.

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Thirty years after “Three Days of the Condor”, Sydney Pollack returns to the thriller, winking at Hitchcock.

In September 2004, the Herald, a newspaper controlled by the Zimbabwean government, attacked the film as an anti-Zimbabwe work supported by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The film, however, was approved by the national censorship commission which allowed its distribution. Chen Chimutengwende, Minister of Information and Publicity, said: “The CIA-backed film shows that Zimbabwe’s enemies don’t stop.”

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