Curiosity rover sends new postcard from Mars – Space & Astronomy

From the Curiosity rover comes a spectacular postcard from Mars, a color image of the Martian landscape taken from the slopes of Mount Sharp. The shot is the color reworking of two black and white shots taken at different times of the day.

Arrived on the red planet for 9 years now, on 6 August 2012, the Curiosity laboratory rover continues to explore the Gale crater area and study the many geological structures of the region, in particular the slopes of the great Mount Sharp which with its approximately 5,000 meters stands in the middle of the crater caused by an ancient meteoric impact.

The new splendid postcard is the result of a reworking by NASA technicians starting from the two black and white images taken on November 16, on the 3,299 Martian day (Sol) of the mission. The first of the two images was taken in the morning, at 8:30, the second instead at 16:10 and by processing the shots on the computer it was possible to reproduce the full variety of Martian colors.

In the photo you can see on the right the Rafael Navarro mountain, named after one of the scientists of the recently deceased Curiosity team, in the center some particular ripples of the ground known as ‘Sands of Forvie’ are visible, while in the background, at about 40 kilometers away, the long relief that delimits the crater stands out.


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