Cusco: Up to 35% of travel packages could be canceled this month due to an alert from the US government to its citizens

tour operators in Cuzco They estimate that, for the month of July, 35% of the travel packages booked by US citizens could be canceled due to the security alert issued by the United States government, reported Edwin Dueñas Olázabal, dean of the Professional College of Graduates in Tourism from Cuzco.

The representative mentioned that, since the tourist of North American nationality is the one who visits the most Cuzco and its tourist attractions, there is concern among businessmen because this alert will reduce the effort that has been made to reactivate the sightseeing in the region. The tour operators assure that they worked on said reactivation before the high season of foreign visitors.

Likewise, Dueñas Olázabal called on the government to resolve social conflicts that allow peace and social stability, thereby preventing the country from continuing to be classified as insecure.

Other estimates

The vice president of the Hotel Chamber of the CuzcoFernando Santoyo, stated that at least 5,000 North Americans will stop visiting the Historic Sanctuary of Macchu Picchuif the alert is still valid.

In addition, from the Regional Management of Tourism of Cusco reported that 60% of the total number of visitors who arrive in the imperial city are foreign tourists, and of this figure, 20% come from the United States.

The North American regime recommended its citizens not to visit Peru due to the increase in insecurity and the presence of terrorist remnants. The US Department of State reported that they raised the travel alert to Peru to level 3, which implies that it is recommended to “avoid travel due to serious security risks.”



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