Cut down the bleeding of your bills thanks to these clever ways to use the electric water heater

The month of January is one of the coldest of the year. In fact, it is not uncommon for temperatures to drop below freezing and for ice or frost to form in the outdoor spaces. However, heating the house is often a huge expense, especially in this historical period in which the costs of utilities have increased. To counter this phenomenon, today we explain how to use one of the most essential but also the most expensive tools. It is in fact possible to reduce the bloodletting of the bills thanks to these intelligent ways of using the electric water heater. Let’s see together what they are and how we can put them into practice easily.

Some of the appliances that weigh the most in terms of consumption

Most of the most “energy-intensive” appliances we have are those designed to heat or cool the environment or the person. An example above all is the hairdryer which, although it seems harmless, consumes a lot. In fact, it should be turned off immediately once its function is completed. The same goes for the heater, often placed near the bed or near a work place to make it immediately more comfortable. This too could then lead to repentance when the bill arrives. For this reason, as regards the second case, we have already proposed a more sustainable solution thanks to the device that removes the winter cold from the rooms with a minimum cost. Finally, among the accused, there is also the water heater.

Cut down the bleeding of your bills thanks to these clever ways to use the electric water heater

So let’s see how to maximize its use. First of all it is necessary to carry out a good maintenance. Then it is also useful to keep the set temperature under control: in summer it should be around 40 degrees, in winter 60. Let’s then move on to the ignition time. To make the most of it, it should only be turned on at night, when energy costs less.

It is also possible to have a timer that does this automatically, so that we can find hot water for the morning shower. In fact, on the market there are several options that allow it and that have low costs. Finally, in order not to get cold after having washed, we also recommend to focus a lot on the insulation of the radiators, almost at no cost. Here’s how to heat the house while saving on the bill with an object we have in the pantry.


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