Cynthia Klitbo reveals that she ended up with the Dominican Juan Vidal because “she has an anger problem” and “owes her money”

Mexican actress Cynthia Klitbo, who had a six-month romance with Dominican Juan Vidal, revealed that she ended her relationship with the actor due to violence and money debts.

“We ended up because he has a very big anger problem, he is a person who is always in a bad mood, every day, he bases his entire life experience on how many muscles I have and that for him women are a way of accommodating himself both economically and publicly. , then don’t go with the feint,” he told reporter Edén Dorantes about the Dominican.

Klitbo assured that he lent money to the Creole while he was going through financial problems and has not paid him.

“Today I am fighting with your girl for some money that I lent her because of her daughter, because of her house, because of her rent, ‘mamita I can’t’, and now I have to argue with your girl because she doesn’t want to pay me in dollars” he explained.

The 55-year-old actress, who will not take the monetary debt to a legal process because “one has to know when she is with a man and when she is with a chichifo.”

The soap opera villain sent a message to the vedette Niurka Marcos with whom Vidal shares in “The House of Celebrities” (Telemundo) and they recently kissed. “”Comadrita, take care of yourself”, she warned.

Klitbo, 55, and Vidal, 45, announced their romance in August 2021, just over four months after the actress’s breakup with the youtuber known as Rey Grupero

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