Cyril Hanouna reacts to his portrayal in the media

VIDEO – Its media impact is only growing and the star presenter of C8 has decided to transform this into a sequence in his own show.

I feel like Cristiano Ronaldo”, chants Cyril Hanouna. Between the rant over the Lola affair or the disagreement with Louis Boyard, the show “Do not touch My TVbreaks audience records. So much so that according to the principal concerned: “Right now in the media we are talking about two things: the World Cup and me.»

Special broadcast, magazine cover or investigation, the mentions “TPMP” or “Chanunacome up multiple times. The production compiled by a video montage “hours and hours» airtime of news channels in seconds. The star of C8 even emphasized being present on the banners of these same channels. “It’s nice to be in a blindfold like that, it’s the first time it’s happened to me. I have already put on blindfolds but I have never been in a blindfold”, quips the presenter. “It’s great to be dissected like this like a television object“, reacts the columnist Géraldine Maillet following the viewing of the France 5 debates relating to her colleague.

“An article every four seconds”

BFMTV, France 5, RMC Story, France Info, France 2, CNews, RMC Info Talk Sport… Everyone has only one word in their mouths according to the presenter. Even Emeric Berco, radio host on Skyrock, mentions Cyril Hanouna as the person who influenced rapper Soolking to create his track Stroll. On the written press side, the star host of C8 made the cover of the magazine OBS this Thursday, November 24. Entitled “Tele-populism, the dangers of the Hanouna system”, a file has been dedicated to him. And online media are also mentioned in the presenter’s enumeration. “For the past few days, there has been an article every four seconds – including by the main national media – on “TPMP””he wonders.

However, the situation does not seem to deeply disturb Cyril Hanouna. “In one month, there are more than 300,000 “Cyril Hanouna” searches on Google. Might as well tell you that I’m going to be number one, that’s for sure., he declares, playing the pride. He largely ironizes the phenomenon by making multiple parodies and montages.

The channels speak for myself internationally. An extract was found in Pakistan“says Cyril Hanouna. On screen, it is probably a real rush from foreign television, but… the French dubbing was faked. In the same way, the show team had fun parodying the daily TF1 show “Les 12 coups de midi”, the BFMTV weather forecast or even the car show “Turbo” on M6. And they didn’t stop there: “After 10 p.m., the slata méchouia is not easy to digest” title one health magazine dummy. Same counterfeiting exercise with magazines The new detective, Cafe & bistro, Wood heating or The French hunter. “We haven’t finished laughing out loud, I love it. Let them continue”concludes the presenter of “Do not touch my post”.

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