Daggers in the back: Netflix paid for Lionsgate’s double offer and rejected collaborations

Ryan Johnson generated some controversy in 2017 with the premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedia feature film that breaks with what was presented by JJ Abrams in The Force Awakens and it was positioned as one of the more independent Star Wars films in terms of style. Two years later, the filmmaker who created that work surprised the world with daggers in the back, a thriller in the style whodunit by Agatha Christie with Daniel Craig and Ana de Armas as cast heads.

Netflix was quick to grab the feature film rights so it could make more feature films in history. In an era in which chewing gum is stretched as far as possible in the audiovisual, this comes as a glove to the red streaming platform, which is currently going through a severe crisis from which it will cost it to resurface (if it does). through comic booknow some details of that purchase that Netflix made, passing by ahead of Jon FeltheimerCEO of Lionsgate.

All for Netflix

It seems that Netflix was clear from the beginning with Lionsgate to take over daggers in the back and provide a new sequel with Craig reprising his role as a detective. As collected from dead lineFeltheimer explained in the SeriesFest in Denver that Netflix paid the double offer to get the official sequel and bring a third part, separating itself from the rest of the companies. Netflix flatly refused to collaborate to pack the trilogy, taking care of everything and therefore spending a fortune. “‘We’re going to make a lot of money; we distribute it, collect a distribution fee and pay it back. It is an interesting and organic idea for them. They thought about it and said, ‘No’…Feltheimer explains.

Netflix has always been characterized by wasting a lot of moneyand it seems that things continue (and will continue) despite the fact that the times are not the most suitable for the company.


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