Dakota Fanning’s 10 Best Movies, Ranked by Rotten Tomatoes

dynamic dakota fanning She has been acting since she was just five years old and first rose to prominence in the 2001 drama I am Sam. The talented actress appeared as Sean Penn’s daughter in the Oscar-nominated picture and became the youngest actress nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award at just seven years old. She would continue to dominate the small screen with memorable roles in the 2000s Uptown Girls, hide and seek, CoralineAnd war of the WorldsShowed his impressive acting ability at an early age.

Fanning was able to shed her child star image by playing mature and attractive roles the Runaways, night moves, And very nice girlsAnd in recent years she has appeared in acclaimed films such as Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood And Equalizer 3.

Both she and her younger sister Elle are frequent presences in cinema, and Dakota’s upcoming projects will be in horror films. guard and psychological thriller series Replay. Let’s take a look at Dakota Fanning’s best movies, according to Rotten Tomatoes.

10 Fugitives – 69%

Dakota Fanning in The Runaways
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Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart teamed up to portray rock and roll trailblazers Cherie Currie and Joan Jett in the 2010 biographical drama. the RunawaysAn adaptation of Currie’s memoir.

It chronicles the formation of the rock group of the same name as rebellious teenagers and their fellow bandmates dominate the music scene in the 1970s under the guidance of their savvy record producer Kim Fowley (Michael Shannon). The film highlights Curry and Jett’s turbulent relationship and the female rock band’s spectacular rise to fame and subsequent demise in 1979.

Both Fanning and Stewart took singing lessons and learned to play their respective instruments in preparation for their roles, with the former actress later commenting, “I had never sung with a band before and had the power of something like that behind me. Felt.” the Runaways It became a critical success, although it ultimately failed at the box office.

9 Motel Life – 70%

motel life
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A 2012 drama, based on Willy Vlotin’s debut novel of the same name motel life, The film takes place in 1990 and centers on drifter brothers Frank and Jerry Lee Flanigan (Emile Hirsch and Stephen Dorff) after a hit-and-run tragedy results in one of them accidentally running over a child. They feel that their aimless existence has been turned upside down. , causing him to abandon his Reno motel and flee the city. Fanning appears as Frank’s former girlfriend Annie James, the pair rekindle their past romance when the brothers turn to the young woman for help hiding from the authorities.

The melancholy and poignant picture features the additional talents of Kris Kristofferson, Dayton Kelly and Joshua Leonard, and had its worldwide premiere at the Rome Film Festival, where it won four awards, including Best Screenplay as well as the Audience Award.

8 Equalizer 3 – 74%

Dakota Fanning and Denzel Washington in The Equalizer 3
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Fanning reunites with her ex flame man Denzel Washington to co-star in Antoine Fuqua’s 2023 vigilante action flick equalizer 3, It once again follows retired DIA operative and US Marine Robert McCall as he is called into action after discovering his peaceful new home in a remote southern Italian town is being controlled by violent crime bosses. Has been called back. McCall sets out to protect his community and friends by becoming their ultimate protector by going head-to-head with the Mafia in a daring attempt to rid the coastal town of their dangerous presence.

Fans of both actors were thrilled when the news came that Fanning would be joining the popular franchise and reuniting with Washington, since it had been nearly twenty years since their first project. equalizer 3 It proved to be both a critical and commercial success, earning an A CinemaScore from audiences and has grossed over $110 million to date.

7 World War – 76%

war of the Worlds
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Steven Spielberg brilliantly brought HG Wells’s iconic sci-fi novel to the big screen by directing the 2005 blockbuster hit. war of the Worlds, the talents of action legend Tom Cruise have been enlisted to star as divorced dockworker Ray Ferrier as he fights to keep his ten-year-old daughter Rachel (Fanning) and teenage son Robbie (Justin Chatwin) safe, When extraterrestrials violently invade Earth and threaten Earth. Existence of humanity. The trio flee deadly alien predators and set out to seek refuge in a terrifying new world filled with danger and terrifying chaos.

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Spielberg was amazed by Fanning’s performance, later praising the actress for “how quickly she understands a situation in a sequence, how quickly she sizes it up, measures it, and how she would actually react in a real situation.” ” war of the Worlds The film further cemented Fanning’s status as one of Hollywood’s brightest rising stars, and the sci-fi film grossed a massive $603.9 million at the box office.

6 Nine Lives – 76%

Dakota Fanning in Nine Lives
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Rodrigo García directed the 2005 drama nine livesIt features a dynamic cast including Glenn Close, Robin Wright, Amanda Seyfried, and Sissy Spacek, which tells nine distinct stories, while also focusing on the personal lives of nine different women as they come to terms with adultery, Tackles heavy subjects like death and fractures. Relationships. The final story features Fanning alongside Glenn Close, as Maggie heads to a cemetery with her young daughter Maria and during the trip she realizes how dependent she has become on her child for her overall emotional health.

nine lives was filmed in overlapping vignettes and each story consisted of one unbroken take, and although it performed modestly in theaters, it was lauded by critics, winning both an ALMA Award and a National Board of Review Award for Excellence in Filmmaking. .

5 Charlotte’s Web – 79%

Dakota Fanning in Charlotte's Web
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2006 fantasy drama, based on the famous EB White children’s novel of the same name Charlotte’s Web Famously Livestock tells the story of pig Wilbur as his life is saved by a kind little girl named Fern Arable (Fanning), who takes care of the litter and raises him to mature age. Fern is devastated when Wilbur is sent to his uncle’s barn where he meets the barn spider Charlotte A. Cavatica (Julia Roberts), and the intelligent and cunning spider hatches a plan to save Wilbur from going to the butcher’s block.

With a dazzling supporting voice cast including Steve Buscemi, Kathy Bates, Robert Redford, and John Cleese, the live-action/CGI remake received positive reviews from critics for its heart-warming story and charming performances. The Washington Post wrote, “Remember the peaceful atmosphere of bedtime storytelling? The kind that gives satisfaction to parent and child in the story, not the teller? That’s how Charlotte draws you into her web.”

4 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – 85%

Dakota Fanning in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
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Quentin Tarantino joins cinema heavy hitters Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie for his sensational tribute to the Golden Age of Hollywood with the 2019 drama. Once Upon a Time in HollywoodWhich takes place in 1969 Los Angeles.

It follows fading movie star Rick Dalton (DiCaprio) as he and his loyal stunt double Cliff Booth (Pitt) struggle to keep up with the progressive entertainment industry. The Daltons live next door to famous actresses Sharon Tate (Robbie) and Roman Polanski, setting the stage for the gruesome Tate murders by the Manson Family (albeit with a significant twist).

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Fanning appears as Manson member Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, who is swept up in Charles Manson’s cult and crosses paths with Booth while out at Spahn Ranch. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood It premiered at the Cannes Film Festival where its dynamic performances, screenplay, direction and cinematography earned praise. The drama won two Academy Awards and was listed as one of the top ten films of the year by the National Board of Review.

3 Night Move – 86%

night moves

The 2013 drama thriller stars Jesse Eisenberg, Dakota Fanning, and Peter Sarsgaard as a trio of radical and passionate environmentalists who embark on a dangerous mission to blow up a hydroelectric dam. night moves, chronicles the efforts of activists Josh and Dena and former Marine Harmon as they plan a massive protest to demonstrate to the world their profound effects on the environment. They find that their lives are forever changed by that act of defiance and they struggle with their own guilt and paranoia, with heartbreaking results.

night moves Fanning’s incredible acting range was once again on display as she moved from being a child actor to playing more mature and complex roles. Critics singled out Fanning’s dynamic portrayal as confronting and deeply disturbing, and the thriller reached the Grand Prix at the Deauville American Film Festival.

2 Coraline – 90%

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Henry Selick directed the mesmerizing 2009 stop-motion animated horror fantasy Coraline, Dakota Fanning voices the eponymous 11-year-old character as she discovers a wonderful alternate reality after moving with her working parents across the country to their new home. While exploring the old house, Coraline is transported to a parallel world where people have buttons for eyes and her mother and father actually love and raise her; When the dark and sinister Other Mother (Teri Hatcher) attempts to keep the girl there forever, she struggles to return to her reality and family.

The extremely creepy and visually stunning picture was a financial and critical hit, grossing over $124 million and receiving an Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Feature. Coraline It has garnered a devoted cult following and is widely considered one of the greatest animated films of modern times and an extraordinary cinematic triumph.

1 My Neighbor Totoro – 93%

My Neighbor Totoro from Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli

From the brilliant minds of Studio Ghibli and director Hayao Miyazaki comes the beloved 1988 animated fantasy film My Neighbor Totoro, focusing on sisters Satsuki and Mei as they struggle to adjust to their new home and life in a remote country house to be closer to their ill mother. While exploring the grounds and the surrounding forest, the siblings meet friendly and kind wood spirits, including a giant lovelorn creature known as Totoro. Dakota Fanning voiced Satsuki in the 2005 English-dubbed version, and lent her voice to her real-life younger sister Elle in the fan-favorite film.

My Neighbor Totoro It has been praised as one of the greatest films of all time and one of the top animation pictures, with the character of Totoro becoming the face of Studio Ghibli and one of the most iconic characters in Japanese animation. Rosette Ebert praised the iconic Miyazaki masterpiece, writing poignantly, “Here is a children’s film made for the world we must live in, not the one we live in.”

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