Dakota Johnson and his office look with a male tuxedo

    A true fashion prescriber is not afraid of anything. One day she appears with a look full of the most exuberant trends of the season and the next she surprises with a style completely different from what we are used to. A clear example of this could be dakota johnsonthat if less than 24 hours ago surprised us with the most spectacular dress with the back, now it hits with a look that is at the other extreme: a styling of masculine aesthetics that reinvents the classic way of wearing the tuxedo.

    More and more ‘celebrities’ are betting on this type of suit for their most outstanding events: red carpets, photocalls, black-tie acts… It is clear that it has become a safe bet among those who know the most. The last to wear it at a public event has been the one who plays the iconic Anastasia Steele in the ’50 Shades of Grey’ saga, who attended the popular program presented by Jimmy Fallon with a look that will remain in the memory.

    Not only because of how good it looks and how spectacular it is, but also because it is a perfect outfit to add to the list of office outfit inspiration.

    dakota johnson in male tuxedo

    GothamGetty Images

    dakota johnson in male tuxedo

    GothamGetty Images

    Dakota Johnson shows us the details on how to look perfect in a tuxedo. The ‘celebrity’ opted for a suit with velvet fabric to give it a more feminine touch, as well as elegant. She wears her jacket with a fitted and long design, yes, with very pronounced shoulder pads to show off her figure.

    For its part, the pants are high-waisted, with a slightly fitted straight leg and with full slow model to achieve an effect of infinite legs that she managed to enhance thanks to her spectacular transparent heels with rhinestones.

    The outfit was worn with basic white shirt tucked under the pants and, over this, a thin black tie that matches the outfit. A series of details that give authority to the outfit and that -in addition- greatly favor the figure of any woman. What will she surprise us with next time?

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