Dakota Johnson appears with dramatic hair transformation as blonde bob cut

Dakota Johnson surprised the public with a dramatic transformation, sporting a sleek blonde bob in her latest appearance.

look of Dakota Johnson He has long been associated with his long brown hair and bangs that touch his eyes. But he’s embraced a dramatic transformation for his latest role. On August 28, Teatime Pictures, the independent entertainment company founded by Johnson and Roe Donnelly, released the first photos of their upcoming film “Daddy”.

The film stars Johnson and Sean Penn, who make a debut “An intense and intimate conversation between two strangers” On the trip back home, according to Entertainment Weekly, more photos show the surprising transformation Johnson underwent for the project. Cutting her hair just below her chin and turning it into a platinum blonde bob is quite the beauty change.

Before you get too excited about Johnson’s golden age, we did a little research. She was photographed in a low-cut suit and brown hair at a screening in April, and at the Sundance Film Festival in January wearing a triple denim outfit and, you guessed it, her trademark long brown hair., Although “Dadio” is believed to be filming in late 2022, the hair change likely came courtesy of the wig department.

Although if Johnson decides to give the hair department a new twist, we have a feeling this would be a great fit for her. Take a look at the blonde Johnson below.

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