Dakota Johnson has the key to applying makeup in the morning with the effect of 8 hours of sleep

bet on one in the morning natural makeup with relaxing effect Having loose legs and a nice face is anyone’s dream. And that’s what we learned from Dakota Johnson, who has the keys to achieving it Inspire all our beauty looks This is from the season. He Makeup in neutral and brown tones which the actress is wearing toronto film festival It has all the basics that are most beneficial to reveal a relaxed and glowing face without any mask effect.

Makeup in the same range of shades

Dakota Johnson with makeup in a range of chocolate tones with a nice effect on the face at the Toronto Film Festival.GTrace Online.

Dakota Johnson’s makeup uses shades of blush, eye shadow and lipstick in the same color range so that the face always looks brighter and more uniform. According to makeup artists, the key is to get at least the basics Three or four colors that really suit our skinWhich means you can choose any of your most attractive shades.

Choose a color that looks good on your skin

To get a natural makeup look like Dakota Johnson, the actress has chosen this The chocolate tone suits her brown hair dark shiny, it smoky eyes with a soft brown eyeliner And soft but well-defined eyebrows. Next, blush is the easiest way to add a little more dimension and depth to your face. To make this makeup work on a daily basis, you need to take a close look at your skin and see what tones and shades are naturally present, and then choose a color that is within this range and that suits your skin. But it feels good.

over-makeup eyes, soft lips

This is a rule of many makeup artists, if you like to give more depth to your eyes and your hair. eyebrows, it is better to avoid lips with very dark colors. And when it comes to showing off the autumn colors, it’s important to balance both areas of the face when applying makeup to avoid too harsh an effect on our facial features. Therefore, choose basic things in the same color range, but without going to the darkest extremes. For example, he Lipstick In Dakota Caramel Tones, it combines peach tones with chocolate to achieve that ideal effect, neither too dark nor too light but in the same range of tones.

mix textures

You can also decide which part of your face you want to highlight with makeup, be it eyes, lips or cheeks. choose contrasting textures Of the same tone. Matte lips work great with these bright eyes Or vice versa as in the case of Dakota Johnson who wears creamy lips And the most neutral look. But as long as you use the same tone, you’ll get a great effect.

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Mascara according to your makeup

With makeup of similar tones, a black mascara can create quite a contrast with the rest of the facial tone. For this reason, some makeup artists choose brown mascara with a natural version of this look, as it is usually softer and more flattering.


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