Dakota Johnson in Mexico City: accompanied Chris Martin on tour

dakota johnson She is in Mexico and far from behaving like an inaccessible diva, she has had an extremely close attitude with her Mexican fans.

As we have informed you, dakota is girlfriend of Chris Martinvocalist of Coldplaya group that is in Mexico on tour with its tour Music of the Spheres World Tour. Therefore, the protagonist of 50 shades of gray She came to accompany her boyfriend.

According to various fan accounts of the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnsonthe actress has attended the shows of Coldplay at the Foro Sol in Mexico City where she has taken pictures with the fans who have seen her in the venue:

Photo: Twitter @DakotaJArg/@aniie_sp

dakota She has also been caught in restaurants in the city where she has agreed to take selfies with her fans.

Image: Twitter @JohnsonDornanES

Another fan account from dakota johnson They captured her having breakfast at the luxurious hotel where the band is staying, but the striking thing is that she appears having breakfast with Moises, one of the two sons who Chris Martin had with his ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Image: Twitter @DakotaJArg

Something that has drawn a lot of attention is the relationship dakota keeps with Gwyneth and the children of Chris. Unlike other couples who break up in the middle of a conflict, Gwyneth and Chris they became famous for parting amicably. In the same way, both celebrities seem to coexist frequently without any discomfort, but, the most admirable thing is that they also coexist with their respective partners.

Gwyneth has been seen chatting with dakota at various Hollywood events. In addition, the actress of The Lost Daughter frequently live with children of Chris and Gwyneth, Apple and Moseswho are teenagers.

So the images of dakota with the youngest son of Chris confirm that dakota She is one more member of the Martin-Paltrow family, in addition, of course, to being super accessible and cute with her fans.

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