Dakota Johnson knows how to combine straight jeans and normcore loafers in 2022

dakota johnson has forged a style path marked by moments of Gucci looks that have been engraved in the memory of lovers of the fashion. The feathered dresses, the fringes and the exposed lingerie have been some of the details that define her aesthetics in front of the spotlight. And when she is not on the red carpet, the actress opts for casual outfits that have everything to transcend beyond the trends.

That is the case of the styling of straight jeans Y normcore loafers with which the actress, dakota johnson, was captured in New York. The image that leaves us is that of an outfit that can be used from Monday to Sunday. Which reminds us that there are several advantages of having these pieces in the wardrobe than their own insiders will locate as wardrobe basics that every woman should have.

How to wear straight jeans with normcore loafers according to Dakota Johnson

Dakota Johnson wears black jeans with a suede trench coat.Gotham/Getty Images

For a few seasons, the wide leg trousers have been displacing the skinny jeans. The variety of trendy jeans silhouettes, ranging from wide leg jeans to the paper bag; all with a common denominator: their silhouette oversized. This is a trend that some women have succumbed to, after a long time wearing skinny jean pants.

That is why, in this case, the jeans signed by Reformation worn by the Cha Cha Real Smooth actress, They are the perfect bet for all those who consider themselves between the two jean trends. Neither too wide nor too tight. The straight leg cut is ideal.

For their part, the normcore loafers have crept in, little by little, among other bets of footwear who dominate the season. The advantage of these is that they provide an immediate halo of sophistication, and they adapt to different day-to-day situations.

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