Dakota Johnson knows how to combine the classic white shirt with a tie

dakota johnson is unique in its style (something we could define as classic and adapted to prevailing trends, but always avant-garde and without too much apparent effort), the actress is also the bearer of the most imitated bangs in the world. star system since Zooey Deschanel. It is safe to say that in 2022 dakota johnson is the woman whose style provokes the greatest consensus: everyone loves everything that the daughter of Melanie Griffith Y Don Johnson.

And at each new public appearance, Fifty Shades of Gray star Dakota Johnson reminds us that this general enthusiasm is more than justified. The last? A few days ago on the television program Jimmy Fallon.

How to wear a shirt with a tie in the style of Dakota Johnson?

Dakota Johnson wears a Saint Laurent suit.Gotham/Getty Images

Beyond bags or shoes, the tie it is probably the accessory with more impact in a woman’s wardrobe. Few accessories have that transformative power to underline with a single relentless brush stroke any style that comes to mind. And this dakota johnson look was no exception. The actress has opted to adorn the classic white shirt with a black tieover a costume tailor velvety belonging to the firm’s Fall-Winter 2022 collection Saint Laurent. To counteract, the actress has resorted to some silver triangle pointed pumps. And of course, his bangs.

It is no coincidence that you have chosen a suit Saint-Laurent, since the incorporation of tuxedo to the feminine wardrobe that Yves Saint Laurent brought with him underlined a bet, tie included, that we had already seen in magnetic figures such as marlene dietrich or Clara Bow. In the 70s this accessory would become part of the new uniform of that new woman who joined the labor market.

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