Dakota Johnson wearing wide leg jeans

Dakota Johnson is one of the most beautiful women in international entertainment, her parents are two Hollywood stars who have not gone unnoticed with their work and their roles in different productions of the film industry, Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson.

The 32-year-old actress has participated in different films, however, her peak moment came when she starred in the “50 Shades of Gray” trilogy, where she played the main character, called Anastasia Steele.

Likewise, her beauty and her way of being have also made her one of the most striking figures in her guild. Currently on her Instagram account she has a little less than five million fans, however she does not share anything personal.

In fact, on her profile there is not a single photograph of her, only some of her interviews, work and the social causes she supports, such as the case of “Black lives matter”, and the Afghan refugee crisis, among other publications. .

However, at times she has drawn attention for her looks and the way she interprets fashion in her own way. For this reason, these are four outfits in which the actress has worn and has stolen all the attention with wide leg jeans.

In fact, she turns her casual looks into trendy outfits with the help of this garment, and she has shown this on different occasions. With blazers, shirts, slightly more formal blouses and uncomplicated jackets, a jean is a classic that goes with everything.

Dakota Johnson wearing wide leg jeans

An example of this is this outfit, where she combined the garment with a pair of red sneakers, a blazer, a simple t-shirt and a brown bag, matching her coat. In this case, the jean could be the protagonist of the look.

On another occasion, the actress used the jean with a simple shirt and accessories of the same color so that the garment is not the protagonist of the entire look, but if it adds a fun or striking touch.

With figure-flattering high heels and a formal blouse, this is another way Dakota has been caught on camera. In this way, in addition to looking fashionable, she also adds a touch of elegance, without taking the casual out of her outfit.

Finally with a jacket or a carefree garment, something that anyone could wear every day, the actress showed that she looks beautiful in any way and that a wide leg jean goes with anything.

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