Dakota Johnson’s Fall Style Is So Basic, It’s High Fashion

Where can I apply to be best friends with Dakota Johnson? 50 shades of gray To some, the actress seems like a decent person, but I also feel like she’ll never match me style-wise – I mean that as a compliment.

Johnson is constantly seen wearing clothes that are incredibly simple but also extremely timeless and classy. While having coffee in Manhattan with my good friend cruel Summer For example, with star Blake Lee in November, Johnson was the epitome of smart, not tough, attire.

madam web The actress wore wide black pants, a cream colored sweater and a long black wool coat. Simple enough, but with her cat-eye sunglasses and green suede Adidas Samba shoes, Johnson’s look was the definition of “stylishly dressed coffee hang to admire autumn leaves in the West Village.” If this sounds oddly specific, well, that’s exactly what Johnson and Lee were doing.

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Lee was excellently matched, actually matching Johnson’s effortless attire. He wore black pants, a button-down white shirt, and a long brown coat, in the same style as Johnson. To contrast Johnson’s sunnies and Adidas, Lee added high-top Converse and a navy blue beanie.

The way the length of the coat matches her slouchy pants and the cozy hem of her sweater makes Johnson’s outfit both trendy and classic at the same time.

Plus, you can really never go wrong with a crisp white shirt or sweater and a great pair of sneakers, even if they’re lightly stained Adidas and Converse. In fact, this is the reason why anyone buys these types of sneakers in the first place. We all need everyday shoes, right?

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Not only do their outfits look cozy for fall, but it also looks like they literally called each other to meet for a walk and run down the aisle with their favorite coats. Do you know how they say that dogs resemble their owners? This happens with friends too, but in this case, the more wool coats and drape-y black pants, the better.

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Earlier this week, Dakota Johnson spoke at a mental health fundraiser in skinny leather pants and an oversized beige blazer with a crisp white collar underneath. Some might call it quiet luxury, but it’s literally what Gap has been telling us to wear for decades and honestly, that’s okay. At least if you’re wearing it the way Johnson is wearing it.

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This is the woman whom Gucci chose to lead the campaign for the Jackie 1961 bag – which was named in honor of Jackie Onassis, after all. Like the famously well-heeled Jackie O, Johnson also clearly understands that clean lines and good clothes go a very, very long way.

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While Johnson was stylishly sipping coffee with a friend in New York, her longtime boyfriend Chris Martin was hanging out in Perth, Australia, celebrating a wedding and taking selfies with fans. bare foot. again.

It’s a great punchline to the fact that both Johnson and Martin’s ex Gwyneth Paltrow always look together when she’s out in the world without shoes. If Johnson would allow me to be one of his basic, long-time best friends, I would have a real conversation with him.

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