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end of may the grand finale was recorded “MasterChef Celebrity Rematch”, and this Sunday night the chapter in which Vicky Xipolitakis and Sofía Pachano will compete to win the award. Saturday night, Damien Betular, one of the juries of the culinary contest, was a guest at “PH Can We Talk” and was very happy about this event.

In addition, the renowned Argentine pastry chef recalled the names of all the international figures he attended during his time as executive chef of the exclusive Palacio Duhau hotel: Barack Obama, Mick Jagger, Emma Watson, Ricky Martinamong others.

Andy Kusnetzoff took the opportunity to ask the cook what was the most expensive order they didand Betular surprised with the anecdote he told about the wedding cake of a famous Argentine couple.

Damien Betular he was executive chef of the Palacio Duhau.

The chef did not want to say the name of the protagonists, although he mentioned that they are recognized. “I’m not going to say who they are. She very famous and so is he. They are no longer together and the cake was a copy, because they were just married simultaneously, Prince William of England and Kate Middleton. She asked me for a copy of that wedding cake,” he said. Bethular.

“It had forty stories, a thousand sugar roses, and each story told a story of English culture that we adapted,” explained about the wedding cake.

Damien Betular He indicated that they asked him for a replica of the wedding cake of Prince William and Kate Middeton.

He then commented on how much time his fourteen-person team spent preparing:We stayed fifteen days for the entire process. Of those cakes, only the top floor is real, nothing more. The rest is Styrofoam, otherwise there is no way. We have a parallel cake lined with the same color that comes out ‘trayed’.

With the data provided by the colleague of Donato de Santis and German Martiteguisome described that the jury of the gastronomic competition He referred to the wedding of Victoria Vannucci and Matias Garfunkel in 2014, which took place at the prestigious Recoleta hotel.

Victoria Vanucci and Matias Garfunkel They ordered their wedding cake from
Damien Betular, when he was chef at the Palacio Duhau.

Thus, the pastry chef revealed that the cake in question had a value of 20 thousand dollars and that the party of the former model and the businessman was attended by 150 people.

¡See what Damián Betular had to say about the celebrities he met in “PH We Can Talk”!

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