Damián Betular revealed the millionaire figure that a famous Argentine paid him for his wedding cake

Damien Betular was invited this Saturday to PS: Can we talk? (phone) and recalled some of the more unusual challenges he faced as a pastry chef. One of the most revealing data was that prepared a very special cake for the wedding of a famous Argentine and an entrepreneur. “It came out 20 thousand dollars”he remembered.

Although the jury of MasterChef Celebrity (Telefe) did not want to give the names of who his clients were, it was soon discovered that it was Victoria Vanucci Y Matthias Garfunkel. The couple married in May 2014 at a party for 150 guests at the Duhau Palace, where Betular was the executive chef.

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His order was a real challenge for the charismatic pastry chef and his team: a replica of the “royal cake” from the wedding of Prince William of England and Kate Middleton. “It had forty floors, a thousand sugar roses, and each floor told a story of English culture that we adapted,” recalled Betular.

And he added: “We stayed fifteen days for the whole process. Of those cakes, only the top floor is real, nothing more. The rest is made of Styrofoam, otherwise there is no way”.

In addition, it ended with a mystery about those impressive presentations: “We have a parallel cake covered in the same color that comes out ‘tray’”.

Damián Betular said that he gave some macarons in the shape of kittens to Emma Watson

At the “meeting point” of the cycle, Damien Betular stepped forward when Andy Kusnetzoff called for those who “rubbed shoulders with international celebrities” to come forward. Over there surprised to relate an anecdote with Emma Watson among other figures.

After naming Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Mick Jagger and Will Smith, among others, noticed an anecdote with the actress who played Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter saga.

(Photo: Instagram/dbetular/emmawatson)
(Photo: Instagram/dbetular/emmawatson)

The pastry chef said that Emma Watson spent two months living there while filming the movie Cologne. “I made him some macarons in the shape of kittensbecause she is a fan of cats, and a divine letter because I am a fan of Harry Potter”revealed.

Damián Betular recalled what it was like to receive Donald Trump: “The hotel looked like the White House”

Continuing with his anecdotes, Damien Betular what was it like receiving donald trumpin 2018, when He was at the hotel where he worked. “We transform ourselves into the White House with security to enter to work as in an airport”, He made reference to the extreme measures that were carried out.

Before reaching TV and achieving national fame thanks to his spontaneity and sympathy, “Betu” he was already a prestigious pastry chef.

After studying in the country and perfecting himself abroad, in 2013 he joined the peculiar Duhau Palace – Park Hyatt Buenos Aires, located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Recoleta. He served there for nine years, rising to the rank of executive chef and preparing menus for international celebrities.

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