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That his corner kick was “a quick decision” and that he hit him that way because “he had a temper”, explains Damián Díaz, midfielder of Barcelona SC, the Olympic goal he scored, last Thursday, in the 4-2 of his squad against Montevideo Wanderers from Uruguay, on the first day of Group A of the Copa Sudamericana, at the Monumental Banco Pichincha stadium.

In conversation with the sports newspaper Olefrom Buenos Aires, Díaz pointed out that he had a “quota of luck” at the time of executing the action.

“These are quick decisions that one makes; Obviously, one sees game situations that are not common, such as the goalkeeper giving instructions outside the small area. And I tried. You try without thinking that you can get in. More than anything, it was playing, and one had the share of luck for the ball to enter, ”said the 35-year-old midfielder.

He also recalled that in 2009 he did something similar in a match of the Chilean tournament, when he was a member of the Catholic University.

Next, the questions asked by the Argentine newspaper:

What do you think about the Puskás nomination?

I always have friends who [me] They send the news. It seems to me that it is a bit rushed; there are millions of players with beautiful goals, and there is the World Cup. There will be important goals until the end of the year. For me, it is still an important compliment. If elected, welcome.

You came from missing a penalty. Did that influence you to kick like that?

Yes, it was obviously related; I hit her like that because she was angry. I had to vindicate myself, find a way for the fans to forget what had happened. Besides, she had missed a heads up. One always tries the revenge of the bad. And people forgot. The truth? She had her head elsewhere; he was very down.

Were you surprised by the repercussion that the goal had? They even had it in Europe…

It is that these goals are rare. I already had to do one like it at the Católica, in Chile, but that one got dirty because the goalkeeper took it out from the inside and it didn’t look good. I always try to do that kind of thing in training, but you try to do it responsibly. (D)

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