‘Damsel’ trailer, cast and release date

the end of stranger things is close, and millie bobby brown She’s waiting for the time to go Eleven, series hero Netflix She was the one who launched her career, but Brown doesn’t want to see herself typecast and is trying to take on other roles in the meantime. stranger things going. Meanwhile, the event is getting bigger and bigger, and now that the double whammy is over in Hollywood, Brown can meet with the team to finish shooting the final season, and what is expected to be an ending. epic.

Once stranger things To conclude, Brown wants more genre roles. young woman, It is a new film made as a result of their contract with Netflix (which has already had two installments). enola holmesand will do so soon electrical state), and this is where Brown will try his luck with a character and setting that is completely different from what we’ve usually come to expect from his career. Because young woman It is a medieval survival adventure. And it has dragons.

‘Girl’- Summary

in the logic of young woman It’s easy to remember the myth of st george and the dragonWhich cinema has already independently brought into the classic cinema of the eighties dragon of the lake of fire, in the special case of young woman We don’t put ourselves in the shoes of a knight who wants to kill a girl-eating lizard, but we want to kill one of those maidens. he is princess elodieWhich the queen offers as a sacrifice to a fearsome dragon to maintain the security of the kingdom.

“For generations it has been our job to protect our people. So join us tonight.” a long list of women Who have helped build this kingdom,” the queen tells him. However, Elodie, once in the dragon’s lair, will choose to resist its attack, manage to escape and realize that everything is due to a political intrigue, of which she is the last victim. .But it is not going to remain like this.

‘Maiden’ – Cast

Still from ‘Damsel’

Brown plays the aforementioned Princess Elodie Robin Wright The queen who sacrifices herself and has a lot to hide. both are together angela bassett (recently nominated oscar Thanks for his role in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, nick robinson ,With love, Simon) and experienced Ray Winston. On the other hand, a bigger point of interest in the film is who directs: Juan Carlos Fresnadilloresponsible for after 28 weeks,

‘Damsel’- Trailer and Poster

young woman This is a film which was announced a long time ago. In fact, we’d already interviewed Brown in her messy princess outfit in an occasional preview of Netflix content, but it wasn’t until the last geekweek that huge streaming Have decided to publish a full trailer. One that reflects the film’s strong production design and Brown’s fierceness as the protagonist.

Additionally, it has also released a poster that shows the moment when Elodie believes she has escaped the dragon and realizes that escaping the lair is going to be more difficult than she thought .

‘Girls’ poster

‘Damsel’- Release date

At present, Netflix has not given any date beyond this. 2024So we’ll have to wait for its premiere sometime next year.

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