Dan Schneider pinned for sexualizing young actresses and inappropriate behavior

Since the release of Ariana Grande’s “Victorious” and “Sam & Cat” co-star Jennette McCurdy’s memoir, several Nickelodeon actresses have been sharing their experiences with top producer Dan Schneider.

While the cause of the departure of Schneider by Nickelodeon had been announced as an agreement following producer fatigueseveral media revealed behavioral problems of the man who allowed series like “Victorious”, “Sam & Cat”, “iCarly”, “Drake & Josh” or even “Zoé” to invite themselves on the screens of young people.

He would, for example, tweeted pictures of feet of certain actresses and testimonies of his colleagues evoked mood problems as well as verbal abuse.

In McCurdy’s memoirs, we can read an unpleasant memory of the young woman concerning an episode where she was forced to wear a bikini or even the times when “The Creator” encouraged young actors to drink alcohol.

In addition to Jennette’s autobiography, the investigation ofInsider allowed to lift the veil on the supposed behavior of Dan Schneider. Alexa Nikolasactress in “Zoe” alongside Jamie Lynn Spears, claimed not to feel comfortable alongside the one she calls “creator of childhood trauma”. As for Daniella Monet (aka Trina in “Victorious”), she has, according to neonmagdeclared this: “Do I wish some things didn’t need to be so sexualized? Yes. 100%.”, by evoking a scene during which she ate a pickle while putting on lip gloss, which made her uncomfortable and she had also alerted the channel which denied her feelings.

But if there is indeed a former actress of Nickelodeon who decided not to return to this era, it is Ariana Grande who, when she was younger, was tricked into pouring water on her chest pretending to try drinking with her head upside down or even sucking her toes.

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