‘Dance the Night’ in Mariachi: This is what Dua Lipa’s song for ‘Barbie’ sounds like in Mexican style Video

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Definitely, ‘barbie‘He left a great impact around the world, because, as his motto says, he showed that whoever he was “You can be whatever you want to be.” After the success of his film and song Dua lipa,’dance the night away,Now its version is out mariachi,

Yes, you read it that way. Actually, during the premiere of film which happened in Mexico City, A group of women of this musical style enlivened the atmosphere with typical Mexican music.

There, the reactions of the film’s heroes were revealed, Margot Robbie and Ryan GoslingWell, this was not something they expected.

However, the most striking thing was that all the members were women and of course, She wore a classic pink dress.

Now, this group returns through social networks, With a full version of one of the movie’s themes, but in Mexican style.

Who sings the mariachi version of ‘Dance the Night’ by ‘Dua Lipa’ and ‘Barbie’?

through social networks Some clips of the new music video began to spread, but some credited the single’s writers. They are neither more nor less Beautiful Mexican Mariachi.

Just about five days ago, The musical group has released this song on YouTube.through channel best shortswhere already More than 160 thousand replicas are accumulated.

In the video description, he explained This is a “tribute” to Dua Lipa In one of the most symbolic places in Mexico: xochimilco,

Really, We can see them singing while enjoying the ride in Trajinera through the canals of the region south of the capital.

The group is originally from central Mexico and is currently They can be hired by calling 55 1595 6924 or writing on email mariachimexicanahermosa@gmail.comAccording to its official website Facebook,

you are like this musicians They’ll go around the world with their version of the song’barbie, ‘dance the night away‘, Of Dua Lipa.

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