Dani Alves broke the silence from the Barcelona jail

Brazilian soccer player Dani Alves (File)

Brazilian footballer Dani Alves (File)

the brazilian footballer Daniel Alves, accused of having sexually abused a 23-year-old woman in a Barcelona nightclub, broke the silence from the Catalan prison where he has been detained for days. “I will accept whatever comes,” he said, according to the Spanish newspaper The vanguard.

“I left home when I was barely 15 years old. I have overcome in my life very difficult and complicated situations. This will be one more that will pass. nothing scares me”, he pointed out, according to the Spanish publication, which assured that the footballer goes through his days in a climate of tranquility and without externalizing too many emotions.

The reconstruction of the sayings of Alves, warned The vanguard, arises from multiple sources, official and unofficial, from inside and outside the Brians 2 prison, in Sant Esteve Sesrovires, where the soccer star is being held.

The last week, Alves was transferred from Brians 1 Correctional Facility to Brians 2, that It has individual cells with a private shower. It is a prison with common prisoners, but some preventive inmates are also housed there, with an average of 80 inmates per module, while in Brians 1 there are about 200 for each one. With this change, Justice prevents the leak of any type of image of Alves inside the prison. And the objective is “to better guarantee security and coexistence.”

The police van that was transporting the Brazilian soccer player Dani Alves after appearing before a court in Barcelona, ​​on Friday, January 20, 2023

The police van that carried the Brazilian soccer player Dani Alves after appearing before a court in Barcelona, ​​on Friday, January 20, 2023.

Some details of his first days in prison could be known. They point out that the player is in shock, without eating -just a few bites of fruit- and just a few sips of water. He also remains incommunicado, since they took his phone and he does not remember the numbers of any of his loved ones.

In addition, according to Spanish media, the judge decreed conditional imprisonment for the soccer player, considering that he presents a high risk of flight, given his economic capacities and that he resides outside of Spain. In addition, the magistrate reasoned that Brazil does not have extradition agreements with Spain, which increases the risk that the athlete will try to flee from Spanish justice and take refuge in his country of origin.

As reported by Cadena SER from Spain, Alves requested to testify again before the judge after, as it turned out, having given three different versions of what happened that night. The player born in Juazeiro was initially summoned and recounted three scenarios: first he said that he did not know the girl whom he allegedly sexually assaulted, later he commented that yes, that he had seen her but that nothing happened, and finally he stated that It was she who jumped on him. In addition, he said he went in and out of the bathroom where the crime could have taken place, but the security cameras detected that he was inside for longer.

It only remains to know if the Court accepts or decides to wait. After the footballer’s first statement, the representative of the case in the investigating court number 15 accepted the request of the Prosecutor’s Office and the complainant and decided to send the now former Pumas to jail, with provisional detention and without bail. This is because they considered a great flight risk, due to their economic capacity and that they reside abroad.

What happened and how is the case going?

Dani Alves is in pretrial detention for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman at the Sutton nightclub on December 30. The victim, who said in her statement that she does not intend to receive any financial compensation if Dani Alves is convicted, and the player have presented his statements before the judge but the player’s statements were contradictory.

That is why the player is looking to change strategy and lawyer. Until now, Alves’ defense remains in the hands of Miraida Wilson, but she has already been in contact with other specialized lawyers. In her first statement, the player made different contradictions during his statement. At first he said that he did not know the young woman, but later stated that the relationship was consensual.

The Sutton nightclub, in Barcelona

The Sutton nightclub, in Barcelona

At first, Alves He acknowledged that on the night of December 30 he was at the disco sutton from Barcelona. According to his version, that night in the VIP room he opened the bathroom door and accidentally found the victim inside. But on Friday, in his statement, he changed what he had stated and maintained that what happened was consented to.

However, this weekend, the Spanish press learned that the recordings from the security cameras of the Sutton nightclub do not agree with that story and, in addition, show that Alves and the victim they were inside that bathroom for about 15 minutesa time incompatible with that reported by Alves.

Alves’ relatives, who denies having committed any crimeThey are now trying to restructure their defense to file an appeal to reverse the preventive detention order that the judge agreed on Friday “for an open cause for the crime of sexual assault” -which in the Spanish penal code includes rape-, such and as requested by the Prosecutor’s Office.

With information from AFP and Europa Press


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