Dani Alves changes his tune

Former FC Barcelona player and one of Lionel Messi’s favorite teammates, Dani Alves has always proclaimed his love for the Argentinian. He even said that Messi was the best player in football history.

Recently asked about his preference between Lionel Messi and his great rival, Cristiano Ronaldo, Dani Alves has this time changed his tune. “I really like Cristiano. Now that we are no longer in the Barca vs Real duel, because it always feels like we can’t talk, now that I’m not there anymore, I can talk. Cristiano is an example for all of us, who don’t have that much quality. He shows us that with work we can also compete with the best. He is the example. I respect him a lot, even when I was playing against him. I had the opportunity to tell him. […] If you had to make a comparison, as a player I’m closer to Cristiano than Leo. I say that I identify more with Cristiano because of work. That’s what I’ve done all my life: working to be able to succeed, to get where I’ve got. It wasn’t pure talent.”he said, reports Sports Brief.

Yet, a few years ago, he named Messi as the best in history. “Messi changed a generation. All these people who are more than football, I will stick with them. And besides, I’m Brazilian. For me, Pelé should not enter into this debate. If you ask me who is the best player in history? I would say Messi. Pelé doesn’t fit in there,” Alves had told ESPN.


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