Dani Alves is in a module for sexual offenders where he shares a cell with another prisoner

ANDthe brazilian soccer player Daniel Alves He has been sharing a cell since Monday with another inmate in the module to which the majority of sexual offenders in the prison are assigned. Brians jail 2 of Sant Esteve Sesrovires (Barcelona), center to which has been transferred because it has safer enclosures and less crowded.

According to sources close to the center, after a brief stay in the prison admissions department, those responsible for Brians 2 have assigned him a cell in module 13which usually houses the majority of investigated or convicted of crimes against sexual freedomalthough there are also charges for other criminal offences.

The testimony of the young woman who denounced Dani Alves comes to light

At least for the first few days, Alves will share a cell with another inmate who will play the role of what in prison jargon is known as “trusted prisoner“whose mission is to help overcome the feeling of anguish and stress that can cause going to prison, especially for people who have never been in a penitentiary.

Module 13, however, has enough space for some of the inmates to be assigned a individual cellHe, if the prisoner’s circumstances so advise.

Alves remained in the admission module of the Brians 1 prison in Sant Esteve Sesrovires since last Friday, when a Barcelona judge ordered his admission to prison without bail, accused of raping a young woman in a bathroom of the Sutton nightclub in Barcelona on the night of December 30

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