Dani Alves plays his first game in prison and the confession to the inmates who accompany him: “Nothing scares me”


Daniel Alves He remains detained in the Brians 2 prison in Barcelona after being accused of an alleged sexual assault on a 23-year-old girl on December 30. His lawyer Christopher Martellcould present an appeal on Monday to request the provisional release of the Brazilian.

Alves received a 100-euro card and these were his first purchases in prison

The newspaper The vanguard He gave more details this Sunday about how the player spends in the prison. “The adaptation is being exemplary,” they point out.

They even add that last Thursday, alves he has played his first game with the other inmates. His presence raised enormous expectations in the prison yard among his fellow inmates, who wanted to see him play.

“It didn’t take long for the word to spread. Officials, external professionals, management personnel and all the inmates from the neighboring module discreetly appeared, who stuck to the glass so as not to lose detail, ”says the aforementioned media.

alves share a cell with someone you already know from the past. He is a Brazilian they call Coutinhowho was a bodyguard for Ronaldinho and doorman of some clubs in Barcelona.

The supposed confession of Dani Alves

The vanguard it also reveals the supposed confession of the Brazilian inside jail. “The footballer has been left out, and the Dani who is here is one more. I will accept what comes,” he would have said. alves to the other inmates accompanying him at Brians 2.

According to the sources consulted by the Catalan newspaper, the winger told them that “I left home when I was barely 15 years old. I have overcome in my life very difficult and complicated situations. This will be one more that will pass. Nothing scares me.”

But what he wanted to make clearer is that it was not a rape, but a consensual sexual relationship. However, his colleagues recognize that when they insist too much on this, alves take silence for an answer.

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