Daniel Craig hopes Benoit Blanc’s sexuality will wash over

British actor Daniel Craig doesn’t want the sexuality of his role in the “Knives Out” franchise to become a topic of conversation, he said in an interview with Deadline.

In October, during a press conference for the sequel, which is called “Glass Onion”, at the London Film Festival (LFF), it came to light that the interpreter’s character is gay.

“I don’t want people to get stuck with that specific feature, the less it gets talked about the better for me, seriously. As I said at the LFF, it seems nice and fun to me », he stressed.

something very well done

Also, the star of films such as “Quantum of Solace”, “Skyfall” and “Casino Royale”, he said that what attracted him to appear in the original “Knives Out” was the script. “I almost didn’t appear in the film, my agent was very mysterious about it, which, I suppose, was appropriate under the circumstances. Scripts usually have my name printed in a watermark, but this one was not for me to look at. My agent ended up showing me on the sly. ‘Read this and don’t tell anyone I showed it to you,’ he told me. I was delighted and concluded that I had to participate in the project.

Likewise, he commented that in principle, the character of Benoit Blanc did not attract him. «The role did not quite convince me, it did not have more specific characteristics than the American southern accent. So I didn’t create an image as such in my head, but when you read a script that’s that good, it’s weird.”

Next, Daniel Craig pointed out that after the success of the first part, starring Ana de Armas, the possibility of continuing this film saga took greater shape. Of course, keeping in mind that they had to do it better this time. «I think it was less than six months that Rian took to put together the script for ‘Glass Onion’. He was in quarantine, so he didn’t really have much else to do. He was a kind of prisoner. But I was nervous reading it. Whats Next? You don’t necessarily say that he has to show off in the next movie, but you really have to… And Rian did it.”

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