Daniela and that breast cancer with Jolie mutation: “What a joy to become a mother”


Daniela and Marco with their son Angelo
Daniela and Marco with their son Angelo

Angelo sleeps blissfully in the arms of mum Daniela and dad Marco. It is called that for two reasons: because it is a real miracle, and because my mother and grandfather paternal are called Angela and Angelo. This name represents what.

The long illness and chemotherapy

Daniela D’Antoni, 42, tells herself: I fell ill with breast cancer, the diagnosis took place five years ago at the Veneto Oncological Institute where I was genetically investigated and the doctors discovered the Brca1 mutation, the so-called Jolie mutation (from the surname of the actress Angelina Jolie, healthy carrier of Brca1), triple negative cancer with very high recurrence factor, at 70 percent. I had a first chemotherapy that reduced the size of the neoplasm, then a bilateral mastectomy and I was enrolled by the Iov in an innovative immunotherapy protocol. In 2018 I had an oncofertility surgery, a bilateral adnexectomy to secure the ovaries performed at the Ieo in Milan in a tandem path with Padua. The dream of becoming a mother has always been a beacon in me, even if mine, as a mother, had had the same Brca1 mutation, which is my own medical history but well beyond my birth.

A dream come true

Daniela’s therefore unfortunately a heavy dj vu. At the Iov they saved my life. If I had chosen other hospitals, I probably wouldn’t be here to tell myself and tell me that I have had a child. In fact, in July of last year, thanks to medically assisted procreation, Daniela fulfilled her great desire: the birth of Angelo. Of course, everything happened under close monitoring, I currently run checks every six months. I am happy to share my story, if it can help someone to understand that it can be done: it is difficult, the closeness and affection of those around you count so much in illness and attempts at motherhood, but in the end this bumpy path is pure happiness. My partner who continued to cheer for me and for us, repeating from the fact that we can do it, was very important.

Multi-level battle

The couple, together with their Angelo, resides in Bassano del Grappa in the Vicenza area. Daniela’s, Marco and Angelo a beautiful story of sharing and hope: Saturday is the International Day of Dreams and what better testimony than a great dream come true? When you get cancer – underlines Patrizia Benini, General Manager of Iov-Irccs – always a family unit to get sick in a broad sense, and in the case of hereditary neoplasms, even in the strict sense. a battle that is fought together on several levels, parental, medical, human. And today the presence in the world of the little Angel teaches us that the best way to anticipate the future is to create it. Being a carrier of a genetic mutation that predisposes to a high risk of oncological disease, as occurs in women carrying the Brca1 and 2 mutation, represents an important problem, also given the awareness acquired in recent years in the female population.

Actress Angelina Jolie

This issue was brought to the fore in 2013, when actress Angelina Jolie (healthy carrier of Brca1) communicated to the world its choice to carry out risk reduction interventions. In recent years, the demand and the consequent execution of the test for the identification of Brca1 and 2 mutations increased exponentially, also due to the possibility of using, in mutated subjects, of new targeted oncological therapies that have definitely changed the prognosis of these patients. Furthermore, the identification of an increasing number of healthy subjects, often very young, carriers of the Brca1 and 2 mutation has imposed the search for surveillance solutions and the reduction of the risk of disease within high-level multidisciplinary paths, of which the Iov and the Rov (Venetian Oncology Network) are among the main interpreters in the Veneto and national contexts.

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