Daniela Luján confirms that Imanol Landeta is the love of her life: “It is not prohibited” | VIDEO

Actress Daniela Lujan confessed after many years what the fans and followers of his career and of the actor Imanol Landeta assumed for a long time, the actress was attracted to him and also pointed out that he is the love of her life during an interview (chat with friends) on the program ‘Pinky Promise’ broadcast on the YouTube platform.

Luján also confessed that she had been in love with Imanol since she was five years old, just when she began her career and was the main star in the televisa melodramaLight Clarita” and for which she was recognized and loved among her followers.

“Imanol Landeta is the love of my life, he is my platonic love, I have said it pin#”& a thousand times in ‘Envinadas’ and everywhere. He has been the love of my life since I was 5 years old, “said the actress of “A family of ten”.

Luján went further and was honest with Karla Díaz and her roommates, Mariana Botas and Jessica Segura, saying that Imanol currently has a daughter and is divorced, so he is not engaged or married, Luján said amid nervous laughter .

“He is not married, but he has a daughter, he is divorced. It is not forbidden,” said Daniela, but always in a jovial and joking tone.

Who kisses better?

Suddenly he jumped into the conversation Jessica Segurawho assured that she was the first to kiss in fiction and in real life ImanolIn the case of their first kiss as actors, it was in the telenovela “Velo de novia” and they mentioned that it was their worst kiss.

“It was his first kiss in a novel and in life. I was Imanol’s first kiss,” Jessica confessed.

In defense of Imanol, Daniela He mentioned that Imanol at that time fell in love with more than one with his charisma and joy, so that could not be possible and ended by saying that the actor kisses “delicious”.

The couple was one of the most successful among the children’s audience


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