Daniela Vega surprised with a daring change of look

The actress shared a postcard of her new look that was applauded by her Instagram followers.

The appearance of the actors changes day by day with each of their acting projects, and they know it well Daniela Vegawho is not afraid of intervening her hair to be able to interpret her different characters.

This was evidenced through his account instagramwhere he published a photograph showing his new look, with which he is preparing a new adventure to personify, and which apparently had earrings, specifically changing his hair color.

“Strawberry blonde by the teacher of teachers @edgardonavarroc in his palace @navarrohairstudio, how does the blonde look on me, child?” Daniela Vega wrote on her social network.

As expected, the photo was filled with comments who highlighted this change, where the actress left her hair dark, to reach a blonde tone. «Beautiful», «Dear you always shine, all my light for you and much success in your career», «Pretty», «You look like Emma Stone», «Stop being so mine please !!!»were some of the messages that can be read in his publication.

It should be remembered that Daniela Vega became popularr after receiving the second Oscar Award for Chile, this after his participation in “A Fantastic Woman.”

Check the postcard here:

Current illustrious daughter of Ñuñoa

The Municipality of Ñuñoaduring the International Women’s Day of 2022, awarded recognition to three new illustrious daughters. Among the distinguished were Olga Poblete, teacher and feminist; the 104 year old suffragette Ines Erazo, who was part of the fight for the female vote in Chile; and Daniela Vega, our “Fantastic Woman” from the Oscar.

At the ceremony, Daniela Vega delivered a motivational speech. “To the colors that inhabit us, to the colors that govern us, and to future generations, rebellion, resistance and love”, The actress finished in her speech.

Daniela Vega’s powerful message: “Being a woman saved me”

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