Daniele Garozzo Doctor of Medicine and Surgery: the festival of the Yellow Flames

The affectionate congratulations from athletes, technicians and managers of the Fiamme Gialle to the new doctor Daniele GarozzoOlympic champion in Rio 2016 and silver in Tokyo 2020 in individual foilwhich today, at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, has reached a prestigious goal: the degree in medicine and surgery with 110 cum laude.

Flanked by Professor Andrea Ascoli Marchetti, with a thesis in “vascular surgery”, Daniele concluded a cycle of studies full of efforts and sacrificesat the same time as a sporting path full of successes and prestigious resultsdemonstrating how sport-study is a winning combination and an example for many young sportsmen.

Daniele Garozzo and Alice Volpi

Numerous authorities were present this morning, the undersecretary for Sport Valentina Vezzali, the rector of the Orazio Squillaci University, the president of the Italian Fencing Federation Paolo Azzi, the Honorary President Federscherma Giorgio Scarso, the general secretary of the Italian Sports Physicians Federation Maurizio Galdi and the commander of the Polisportivo Fiamme Gialle group Gen.B Vincenzo Parrinello, as well as his family and his girlfriend Alice Volpibronze medal in foil at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

At the end of this wonderful day, the foilist thanked all his family and the Guardia di Finanza for having always supported him throughout his journey.

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