Danilo Medina affirms that this government “is of few”

Former President Danilo Medina affirmed that the current government has abandoned the field, food, children’s stays and the model to face poverty that was effective in the past administration.

He explained that they have stopped taking machinery to the field and what has been achieved with the surprise visits; “this government is deaf and does not listen to the cries of the poor, which is why hunger, poverty and unemployment have increased in the last two years.

Speaking at the ceremony in which hundreds of new members of his party were sworn in, in the sports center of this city, the president of the purple political organization regretted the fall of programs against poverty that managed to get 1.8 million girls and boys to eat daily, to cite an example.

Medina, president of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), stated that the current government will not succeed in overshadowing the good management achieved by the PLD governments, widening the gap between rich and poor and governing for the few, contrary to the government of all and for everyone he headed.

Who was preceded by the president of the PLD in the province, Luis Miguel Pichirilo and former senator José Hazim Frappier, also stated that the current government does not listen to the needs, nor the cries of the people, nor does it put effort into technology and training, but very especially: “there is no greater satisfaction for a public servant, than providing daily food to 1.8 million people.”

Danilo Medina thanked the support of San Pedro de Macorís and recognized as a laborious town where the past government invested 603 million pesos in 74 productive projects, in addition to another 174 million in fishing and livestock.

He indicated that in San Pedro de Macorís the PLD governments promised and fulfilled, as they did in all the country’s provinces, in a government work that cannot be denied, he said.

Internal consultation support

The president of the PLD called on the bases of his party to support the internal process on October 16 and urged the entire country to get involved, understanding that “the time has come for those who comply and those who know govern”.

The candidates, in alphabetical order, according to a party statement, are Margarita Cedeño, Francisco Domínguez Brito, Maritza Fernández, Luis de León, Abel Martínez and Karen Ricardo. The party says it unconditionally supports whoever is the winner.

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