Danna Fabiola celebrates her 15th birthday – La Voz de la Frontera

He welcomed it with great enthusiasm and surrounded by his loved ones. fifteen years Of Danna Fabiola Miranda,

Starting with the traditional population, Dhanna She received applause from everyone accompanying her at the beginning and end of the ceremony, after which a bouquet of flowers was handed to the Virgin Mary.

In the event hall, to the sound of beauty and the Beast Of Ariana Grande with john legendFifteen-year-old girl dazzles with her stepfather’s waltz jesus villaKeeping pace with his grandparents jesus lopez And Rosa Isela PadillaContinuing with my grandparents Raymundo and Imelda Miranda,

The one who always looked at him with pride was his mother. diana lizbeth mirandaand her aunt from a distance ana laura ayon, who did not miss any precious moment while demonstrating love through video calls; Distance is not a hindrance.

Celebration and guests enjoyed a video that looked at Danna in each of her aspects that have inspired her to become the beautiful young woman she is today.

The beautiful fifteen-year-old girl surprised her guests with a dance, where she enjoyed herself with friends and her younger sister Sofia. A stunning dance that enthralled all her guests, who cheered Danna all the time.

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